Been holding out on my B-Day treats!

  1. Sorry if a little long......

    It started last month when I went to the LV party. I ended up purchasing the Sunset Boulevard in Perle as my early birthday present, considering the Berkeley wasn't coming until November.

    Then 2 weeks ago, the BF went to LV to pick up his V Cup tie and he ended up sending me home with a brown box! I was so excited because I didn't expect to get another LV for the B-day! I wanted to take it out of the box, but I promised myself not until July 10th! :wtf:

    Then yesterday....he felt bad for not having any plans for us. (we've been very busy with a cousins' wedding out-of-town, packing, and friends from everywhere coming for Stampede), another trip to Holt LV! When we got, I asked what he got me, he said "nothing yet. So pick something out"

    :yahoo::yahoo: So there I was and all I could think of was, "I need help from my tPF buddies" ....:roflmfao:as I didn't know what to get. He wanted me to get my Berkeley, but considering it wasn't out yet....what do I do? I really wanted to get a Suhali, but I knew the was some new suhalis coming out and wanted to wait and see those IRL. Stephani (SA) showed me this very nice - very new bag....yes, the Neo Cabby in Blue Denim. I loved everything about it especially the detachable straps and gold hardware. But the BF wasn't really into the denim -- not quite yet :graucho:. I wanted to pick out something we both liked. Then I remembered how he really liked the Epi Montaigne. But they didn't have that one in stock. I even looked the, but he thinks it was really B-I-G! In the end it was between the MC Pricsilla or MC Speedy , both in white. We had finally decided on the Pricsilla when the SA realized they only had the one in the display case and I didn't like the colour pattern. She could have done a charge-send but the BF didn't want to send me home empty-handed (how sweet!).

    Then she grabbed a Speedy out and we both :drool: at the colour pattern! So many light colours and pink LV logos everywhere! At that point, we knew it was meant to be! This was also the bag that turned my head towards LV -- My First :heart: and now I have it! :yahoo:
    bday.jpg bevverly1.jpg bevverly2.jpg bevverly3.jpg sunset12.jpg
  2. More Pics....
    MCSpeedy1.jpg MCSpeedy2.jpg MCSpeedy3.jpg Trio1.jpg Trio2.jpg
  3. Congrats!
    They are all so pretty!
  4. :drool: What a generous bf! I hope you got the MC Speedy before the price increase! (I guess you must have, since your bday was the day before the price increase.) I saw a woman walking on the street carrying one and I love all that gold hardware! That is so cool, we are Azur Speedy twins and we're born 3 days apart! Happy belated bday!
  5. Wow, congratulations, FANTASTIC birthday pressies there! Hold onto your boy now won't you...more LV for you :lol:
  6. I just saw your Epi Alma....and wow! the BF doesn't like the Alma in mono, but when he saw it yesterday in white and MC, he really like it! But I didn't want to take care of so much Vachette! LOL

  7. How much was it before the price increase? The BF bought it yesterday....
  8. ^I forget. There is a thread about it somewhere in the Shopping section. Karman emailed Vuitton and posted her findings. I know it didn't go up by much but it is over 2K! Wow!

  9. Thanks to all BTW!

    I believe it was $2100 & the Ursula was $2150 CAD. The Speedy did go up $50 CAD.
  10. Congrats!
  11. congrats!
  12. wow congrats!!! the mc speedy is gorgeous!!!
  13. Thanks everyone!
  14. Gorgeous!!
  15. Congrats :yahoo: They are all beautiful :nuts: