Been gone too long.. Just wanted to say Hi

  1. Hi Girls! I haven't posted in a couple of months but just wanted to let you all know I'm back:smile:

    My story... I went on vacation back in July. I was also in the middle of some serious " I don't really need this" binge bag buying. Man, it's hard being on here & NOT wanting to buy all these awesome bags!!! :drool: Like some other girls on here, I decided to go on hiatus for a bit to clear my head & rethink my true wants & needs. Ya know what?! Outta site, Outta mind as far as all these bags I thought I just HAD to have. I sold some bags I didn't really need & kept only my "special" ones & I have been truly happy with the few I have. I've also rediscovered my "midrange" bags. I guess I also got caught up in all the latest "IT" bags that I lost sight of how great my Cole Haan, Lauren Merkin, Botkier bags were.

    I've missed chatting with everyone. I'm back & ready to go! Although I'm staying away from the designer bag forums & hanging out in general discussion areas ;) I'm safer that way LOL! That's not to say I don't have my eye on a bag or 2 :nuts: OK it's a sickness..

    Have a great week everyone!
  2. Welcome Back!!!!!:yahoo:
  3. Welcome back!! I know how you feel! This place is so addicting, because everyone here is so great!
  4. Welcome back and I think I'm going through the same introspection you went through over the summer! (brought about by my annoyed DH!)
  5. welcome back..........
  6. Glad to have you back :welcome:

    P.S. tPF is about more than just buying bags... but it's strongly encouraged nonetheless... :graucho:
  7. Welcome back! There was a time I took a few months off of tPf and I agree you buy less when you're not around. I just missed "seeing" everyone around here too!
  8. I am glad you are back! I know, I totally understand, I am going to buy so many things!
  9. Thanks everyone! I'm feelin the PF love :heart: Glad to be back:yes:
  10. Great to have you back, acegirl.
  11. Hey there! I remember you! Welcome back!
  12. Welcome back, congrats on your new found love for the bags you already own!!
  13. Welcome back! Good for you to take the break and get some "perspective"--it's hard not to get caught up in searching and getting the "hot" bag...

    Everything in moderation :P
  14. Welcome back sweetie, we missed you! I know exactly how you feel, I kinda did the same thing, I had to step back from the forum and reevaluate things. My love of bags is still there but, now it's all in moderation.
  15. Welcome back.