been busy (shopping) lately.. ;)

  1. just wanted to share some of the purchases that arrived in the mail lately! :yahoo: and possibly to help someone make a decision.

    Reissue wallet (larger size) in dark silver


    Reissue wallet on chain in bright silver


    E/W Perforated Flap in red (THANKS JAG!! :yes: Lisa was awesome.)
  2. love them all, congrats:heart:
  3. Great goodies and yes Lisa is great. Enjoy your new babies.:yahoo:
  4. wow gorgeous loot! love the DS wallet
  5. Gorgeous stuff! I love the wallet on the chain and the flap!
  6. Gorgeous, love the wallet on a chain, so versatile :wlae:
  7. congrats!!
  8. Ooooohhhhhh
    Do I Love That Silver Wallet
    Something Has Got To Give !!!
  9. The wallet on the chain is neat! First time I've seen a pic of one.
  10. Wow that bright silver is gorgeous!!! :drool:

    I have the WOC in dk silver and love it
  11. oooh wow, gorgeous new purchases. You did have a great shop lol ;)

    I love the Peforated red, that is just stunning :smile:

    many congratulations
  12. love the color red
  13. enjoy your beautiful purchase! :tup:
  14. So that's the wallet on a chain, it's really nice. I love the lock on it, and think it's just a beauty :tup: Love the red flap too :yes:
  15. Can you keep all three? If not, at least keep the red flap!