Been away for awhile! Reveal

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  1. I love Almas too :smile: Congrats!!!
  2. Congrats on your new pretty bag!! Alma is gorgeous!
  3. Love your beautiful Almas
  4. Love the piment alma. Stunning.
  5. Gorgeous, Congrats!!
  6. That color...that hardware! Ugh tdf.delicious lol
  7. Gorgeous! Love the colour! Welcome back and congrats :smile:
  8. stunning! :balloon:
  9. I just bought an Epi Alma but a GM. Absolutely love this bag. Yours is beautiful. What great color. Enjoy!!
  10. Love the color of your Alma and the DE key holder looks great with her.
  11. Beautiful color!
  12. That piment color is TDF! Congrats on both new pieces! They are just gorgeous!
  13. Gorgeous colour, congrats.
  14. Congrats!
  15. Very happy color. Love it. Hoping to get mine in alma bb in this April.