Been away for a while

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  1. I frequented here back in the day. Looks like lots have changed. This page used to be hoppin! Curious if you can help me out. Does the Coach drill down still function? Link if possible. tia
  2. Coach is still hoppin! I'd even go so far as to say that it's more frequented than most of the designers... there's daily action in most of the sticky chats here :smile:
  3. I see the drilldown question has been answered.
    Off topic - Do you remember the teacher vent thread:P? I don't think it has been bumped in awhile! I can't believe we are all that content!
    I am going to bump it right now....
  4. Thanks for the link! I used to love putting in random numbers to find upcoming fobs and such.

    Yes lurker! I haven't been here in forever. Glad to see some familiar "faces" There was major drama in school last year but this year was pretty good.
  5. I finally bought something from coach a double pebble leather wristlet