Been a tough a few goodies at the outlet (instant reveal)

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  1. So this week has sucked. I just found out friday that my dad most likely has lung cancer (my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer almost three years ago to the day). I've been really down and went outlet shopping to cheer me up and distract me from all the hell going on right now. Here are my purchases.

    I got the Signature Zoe and the pony scarf to match, the key FOB, a small wallet, and a wristlet. Grant total came to $287.

    I like the size of the Zoe because it will hold a lot of stuff like books, my ipod touch, snacks, drinks, all necessities for a long day at the hospital.

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  2. Hey, I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad.

    On a brighter note, Coach therapy can be a powerful thing and your purchases are SO pretty!:yahoo: I love your new set-- something about the HS and pink/khaki Zoe together looks so perfectly springy to me, I feel like it puts me in the mood for daffodils or something! Definitely a good feeling, considering my current winter blues (will it EVER stop snowing?!). CONGRATS!
  3. I am so sorry about you Dad and Mom, cancer is so tough and painful.. My blessings go out you and your family..

    The bag is just totally lovely and with all the accessories will make a gorgeous spring time bag...
  4. I'm so sorry to hear about you thoughts and prayers are with you all during this trying time. I've been exactly where you are...modern medicine is a miracle and can work wonders, never forget that...stay optimistic. Mind, body, spirit.

    The haul is adorable...congratulations on your adorable purchases...enjoy everything!!
  5. im sorry to hear this too your purchases are beautiful sending hugs...
  6. Hi,
    Sorry to hear about your Dad and Mom!!! I pray that all goes well!!
    Very cute Zoe and the scarf looks great on her!!! The wristlet and small wallet match well with the Zoe!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  7. I am sorry to hear about your parents - I will keep them in my prayers.....

    Congrats on your goodies
  8. That's really cute for spring. Sorry you had such a bad week. I hope everything is ok with your mom and dad.
  9. Your parents are in my prayers. Staying strong for them. Your collecton is very pretty. Enjoy them...
  10. :hugs:So sorry for your family!

    Love your purchases also.
  11. So Sorry to hear about your Dad. Our thoughts are prayers are with you folks.

    Your purchases are so pretty! Love the colors.
  12. congrats!!
  13. Sorry to hear what you are going through. Stay strong! I love your Zoe! I have the scarf you got it is adorable.
  14. My prayers are with your parents.. Coach therapy is great for lifting the spirits.. Love the set!
  15. Sorry to hear the bad news. Hang in there **hugs**