beeeeeauuuutiful pink satin bag at teen vogue OMG

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  1. omg :drool::drool::drool:

    anybody know how much is this?


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  2. it's from cruise if i'm not wrong. it was featured in a royal dark blue in a mag i saw a few weeks ago! very cute with a vintage look
  3. they have it in royal blue too? :drool:

    soooo tempting
  4. It's so big! :heart::love:
  5. cute~~
  6. omg it's gorgeous
  7. love it!! i love chanel satin bags but they are so $$ and i'm too scared to take them out in fear of exposing it to the elements. =(
  8. I really like it alot, and I am not a pink person.
  9. yeah it's gorgeous isn't it? and i'm not a pink person too LOL
    i would like to see more pics if anyone have :P
  10. Love the color! The blue is stunning too from what I can tell from a magazine. Just wish it was leather though.
  11. love it!
  12. Wow! Gorgeous! But, yes, Chanel satin bags are SUPER expensive!!!
  13. Gorgeous!
  14. wow....:drool: i like....
  15. WOW!Beautiful!!Love the size!Can anyone please post a pic of the blue one??:drool: