Bee wristlet/Mini Skinny

  1. What do you think my chances are, if i called up the Coach customer service center, that they would have any of the bee mini skinnies or wristlets in stock? I know these came out a while ago, but i reeeeeeally want them and am willing to try anything (apart from eBay) to get one.

    i know this is a longshot. i don't know why i've been so bee crazy lately~

    thanks lovelies!:smile:
  2. i dont' know about wristlet but i saw the white purses that are 150 bucks at TJMaxx, it's different wherever you go so TJmaxx and Marshalls are worth a shot!
  3. call coustomer service and probably need a style #
    i recently bought 2 bags that were from several seasons ago and they had them.
    good luck!!!!!
  4. i wish they'd send catalogs of what they have leftover from seasons past. i'd love to catch up lol!
  5. Really? I wonder if accessories like key fobs are the same? I love this cute little sun keyfob but there aren't any listed on eBay. I don't know what the item number is though. I think it came out in June of 06. Anyone know the item number? Maybe I'll try my luck at calling CS.
    sun key fob.JPG
  6. If you have a loehmanns near you, check them. Last week they had some bee items...
  7. They have the white Bee Pouch at Sams. I saw the Bee Straw Demi at Marshalls.
  8. i don't have either of those stores near me :sad:
  9. As someone else said (I think Vicious Bliss?) I saw the bee demi and the bigger bag at both Marshall's and TJMaxx.
  10. haha ok, now who wants to pick one up for me? *winkwink*

    i guess this is what i get for living in a small town. not a lot of big department stores around to look in.
  11. There are some on eBay. Just make sure they're authentic. I got mine last April or May at the outlets. It's been out for a while. The hobos hit the outlet again last December. I got my white bee hobo there.