Bee trademark

  1. Hello,
    I am brand new with a question for the experts here.
    In the back of my mind somewhere is the name of the designer who has a bee as a trademark, or am I imagining things.
    Thanks a bunch for any info to confirm or disabuse me of this notion.
  2. Hi & welcome, sorry I cannot help with your question.
  3. Yeah - I'm at a loss. Can you describe the style of the bag?
  4. Coach uses a bee for some of their bags but I haven't heard of a bee as a trademark.
  5. The only bags I can think of that have bees associated with them are My Flat in London and Dooney.
    51M51DF1WXL._SS500_.jpg mfil_main.jpg
  6. The only thing I've seen w/ bees are Dooney, but it's not the signature???

  7. Buzz by Jane Fox is a brand that used to have a bee as their logo. I'm not sure if they are still around or not.
  8. gucci also had a little bee accent thingy...not sure if it was a bee or some other kind of insect :smile: but it was jeweled! :smile: and it was only used as an accent, not a huge overwhelming thing a ma bob!
  9. There is an Italian designer by the name of Alexanrdra de Curtis and her company is alexandrabee. Bags of hers on
  10. The bag is a black velvet clutch and is elaborately embroidered and beaded. It has larger cabachons on it and it is in shades of gold and jewel colors.
    It can be seen on eBay as Item number: 250105896632.
    It is such an elegant looking bag that I am coveting it :drool:
    Thanks for your interest and here's hoping the picture will help identify it, or I might just be imagining this bee trademark thing, too :confused1:
  11. That's a vintage bag... and it actually probably IS a vintage bag, unlike most of the listings that claim the product to be "vintage"

    Chances are it is not a known or modern brand. If it is marked anywhere, it will be a VERY VERY discreet marking.

    Not all vintage bags are Fendi or Gucci... it even has an old style "mirror" or "wall pocket"... most of the times these bags came with a small comb or mirror. I'd say this bag is at least 25-30 years old.

    GL with the auction! :smile:
  12. Luna,
    Thanks for the encouraging information and wishes. I will know in a few hours if I am the new owner :yahoo:
    Perhaps when I get my hands on it I will see some evidence of a maker.