Bee Movie ok for kids?

  1. This maybe too early, but I like Jerry Seinfeld and my kids like animation. Anyone seen it and have any comments about me taking my 6,4, and 2 year old to see it (other than they might be really noisy, especially the 2 year-old)?
  2. it opens today, yes?
    It's a children's movie I assumed{?} I'll be taking my 6yr old DD to it soon.
  3. Well, it's rated PG. I can't imagine it being too racy!
  4. From the previews I saw when the cast was on Oprah it seems like the Buzz Lightyear movie...humor for kids but also the type of humor that goes over kids heads and is meant for adults.

    I still remember when Potato Head removed his lips and put them on his rear!! So funny!!
  5. LOVED this flick!!!:tup:
    The humor was hilarious, parent's WILL NOT get bored. It was like watching an animated Seinfeld episode!
    Chris Rock and John Goodman's roles were very funny.
  6. Sounds like good fun and I think my son will enjoy it this weekend! I, however, would not take a two year old to see any movie. My son saw his first movie at three and a half. They just don't have the attention span.
  7. This was a very cute movie. I think it is fine for kids, but they won't understand some of the humor.
  8. thanks for the response, we are going to go for sure, leaving the 2 year old to wait for DVD. we would have been already, but got really busy... we had a birth in the family!!! not us, but my kids have a new cousin!
  9. I maybe the only one but I thought the movie was awful. The only line I found funny was the last one when the mosquito turns into a lawyer and says he's a blood sucker.
  10. Congratulations!
  11. My friend hates these types of movies but she took her young son to see it and totally loved it herself! Renee Zelwegger (sp?) is in it too, I believe and she's great in comedies
  12. We finally got out to see it and enjoyed it very much. We even took the two year old. It was a matinée at a theater that isn't very popular to begin with, so there weren't very many people to disturb... We all had a good time, but I ate too much popcorn. Seinfeld is great.

    Thank you for your help.
  13. I thought it was cute, but my kids were not into it. I took my 2, 5 and 8 year old and they all lost interest and wanted to leave after about 30 minutes.