Bee Keyfobs

  1. I'm so stupid. you know how you go shopping and see something you really like but then think, "nah, i don't really need/want that" only to come home and OBSESS over why you didn't get it. and what were you thinking?

    well that happened to me last night. i was so caught up in buying my bag that i completely overlooked 2 items i have been wanting. a cute clasp closure coin purse looking wristlet (sorry i don't know the name) and a (what i think is new) keyfob with a flower, watermelon slice, bee(!!!) and a couple of other little charms.

    I think i may have to go back tonight and buy them!

    Anyway, i'd like to see your Coach bee keyfobs/charms. thanks!
  2. nice!!! do you think those are real? (i know there is an authenticate this thread, but i figured i'd ask here anyway!)
  3. ^^ looks okay to me...

  4. thanks Dewey! that is adorable :smile:
  5. Here's my bee keyfob, attached to a Hamptons swingpack (mixed in with a bunch of other stuff). I love it!

  6. So cute.
  7. Oh I think I must have one! I love bees. :smile:
  8. It looks great on the black bag!
  9. That bumblebee is SO cute!!! Where do you find those? I have been on the web site today, in fact, and I did not see them??
  10. Thanks guys! I got my keyfob at the outlet at the end of January. I haven't been recently, though, so I don't know if they're still around.