Bee gets to go to the Haute Couture show!

  1. Just want to share with you ladies that after plonking money for random dresses that I get to wear only once, I am finally asked last week (whilst on holiday) whether I want to go to the Haute Couture fashion show! Never expected to be going because I buy very little so I am unprepared and have 2 problems:

    1) It is the Autumn/Winter show so I don’t know why I’m going because I don’t buy many winter clothes, LOL. But more importantly:

    2) I don’t know what to wear! You are going to say that you are a dizzy blonde, Bee. Why don’t you wear your Chanel clothes that you said you wore only once? But I will be 26 weeks pregnant on the sunny morning in July so no way I can fit into a size 33 :sweatdrop: (actually there is no Chanel size 33 but I was either 34 or 32 with a bit of breathing in, LOL).

    Anyway thanks for letting me share because I am very much excited about it but at the same time a bit nervous because I have to think about what to wear: clothes/bag/shoes/jewellery (and sunglasses for the disinterested look, LOL) even the way I am going to put on makeup because I can tell I will look so out of place, LOL.
  2. Wow bee! sounds very exciting indeed. I would just say wear what you are most comfortable in and accessorise in Chanel. Looking confident means looking good so be comfortable in what you choose. Mothers to be always shine anyway I reckon, there is just a glow that radiates thru! Have FUN and tell us all about it later!
  3. Wow, an invitation to the haute couture show?? That's amazing Bee!! :yahoo:

    I wouldn't know what to wear either...definitely something elegant and simple that it just screams chic! :yes:

    And stop that nattering about size...a "33" is absolutely TINY!! :nuts: You will look stunning no matter what, especially with that gorgeous glow from a soon-to-be Mummy!!! :love:
  4. Congrats on the invite Bee! How very exciting!!!!
    I would be milling around wondering what to wear as well- I do like the suggestion to wear something comfortable and accessorize with Chanel. Hope you have a great time!
  5. yay for you! have fun and tell us all about it! :yahoo: i agree with the smarties above, simple, and accessorize in chanel...
  6. You will look radiant and glowing, I was pregnat during summer and the best advice I could givie is prob wear a dress (maternity) that you can be comfortable in and perhaps a Chanel tweed jacket/ cardiagan, with a camilla brooch and a classic flap or re issuse? Shoes should be comfy so perhaps (Chanel) flats? I do know that the fashion shows can get very hot so maybe have a mini (silent fan) also. When I was 6 months pregant in the summer I went to see a show and got soo hot I ended up passing out and being carried out by a stretcher!
  7. Thanks everyone for your suggestions and keep them coming because I am a bit lost, LOL.

    Well, I have some ideas for the shoes and the bag but a bit clueless on other bits especially the clothes. The bag obviously had to be Chanel doesn’t it, LOL. I was hesitant between these two but then when cammy1 says a flap then it has to be a lambskin flap, LOL.


    The shoes has to be Raymond Massaro – no argument about it :p. Every lady here probably know already that all the shoes in the couture show comes from Massaro and I thought that for the last Spring/Summer the court shoes that the models were wearing was quite edgy so I got a pair (too poor to buy anything else :shrugs:) which again I have not yet worn and left in my Paris apartment :sweatdrop:. It is really subtle because from far away it looks like a plain pair but then when you lift you feet up there is actually a floor extending from the front to the heel (like this)

    The jewellery can be sorted out sometime later but I was thinking of wearing a VC&A Lady Arpels Centenaire but definitely it will be a Patek to go with the white/black colour scheme (not sure whether to go for steel Twenty~4 or white gold 4857G). The sunglasses: will browse this weekend but the important thing is to have the interlocking Cs logo :lol:.

    But the most troublesome bit is the clothes and I am really worried about this because I cannot turn up in Prêt-a-Porter which would easier solve my problem because all the ladies going there are at least going to be wearing couture suit and probably seen the binder books 10,000 times and know who is wearing what and most importantly at what price!

    Naturally my vendeuse suggested a couture maternity dress (she even said that if I ask nicely I may get a special one-off design, LOL) but I told her no way am I going to plonk $21,118 on a maternity dress! I have chuffed and stupidly I only have a black couture suit for work (which was made when I was not chomping on this many eclairs, LOL) but still don’t have a couture tweed jacket. Even if I order one today, it would be touch and go (anything with braiding on it can take a month or a year because there is only one lady doing it). In short, I am stuck, LOL.
  8. I say wear something plain, and accessorize. You'll be pregant! Go, enjoy and don't worry about what you will wear. You'll look amazing.
  9. Dont worry it too much!!! Just wear something classy and simple and accessorizes with a gorgeous bag and some jewlery but not too much!! I'm so jealous, enjoy yourself it'll be so great!!!
  10. Wear a classic black dress that stops slightly above the knee. A sleeveless one. Wear those gorgeous shoes and accessorize with chanel. Have fun!!!
  11. ITA with the above, I would wear a beautiful sleeveless shift that highlights your "bump", and your gorgeous accessories, and you will outshine everyone, models included :yes: I know it is cliched but a beautiful pregnant woman truly is eye-catching, more so that any couture dress will ever be IMO. Have a blast!!
  12. wow! Congrats! I bet you're excited about it! ;D:biggrin::biggrin:
  13. wooo! a chanel haute couture show! WOW! ditto what the other ladies said, wear your chanel flap and shoes and you'll be styling! and most importantly, do share with us the details! lucky lady!

    ps. i love your kelly bag too :p
  14. I would stay with basic black & either bag would look greats. You can check out the Chanel fashion show at & look through the backstage. You'll see many sported Chanel & black.

    Enjoy if you do decided to go. Would love to get a goodies bag from Chanel fashion show :p
  15. Wow, this sounds exciting! I wish I could go! :p
    Have a great time and be sure to take pics of you that day to share with us! :smile: