Sep 20, 2005
I went with my cousin , to look for a matteress. My first time doing this . OMG i laid on this

I felt like i was in heaven :love: it the TEMPUR-PEDIC Celebrity

If i had this i would not want to get up lol

anyone have one ??? what type of matteress do u have ??

Werid ??? but i felt like sharing
i've had a tempur pedic for about 5 years now, and my parents for about 8.... they both feel good as new. Totally worth the money. Sleeping on anything else feels like torture now!
I bought a new mattress last summer. Before I bought it I did a lot of research. There is a site called "" I wound up getting a Talalay latex mattress. It is wonderful! Latex was the farthest thing from my mind when I started looking, but it is amazing! You can have a mattress made to order out of layers and specify the density (hardness or softness) of all the layers -- or you can actually buy the layers and assemble it yourself!
Right now I have the oh so comfortable Dorm Room matress. lol. At home I have a lovely serta(sp?) mattress for my daybed. It's seriously the most comfy mattress ever.:love: I love beds. I'm lazy. LOL.
Angelica, I agree with you a good pillow makes a great difference as well!

After discovering the pacific coast white goose down pillow when we were staying at Hyatt resort in Monterey, we were so in love with it we each ordered a couple!
I've heard good things about the Tempur Pedic bed. We have the Tempur Pedic pillows, they are the best! Dear hubby and I have the sleep number bed. I love it. After sleeping on that bed every other bed feels like a rock.