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At the moment I am in the process of de-cluttering my bedroom and reading through magazines to find some ideas.

I live in the UK and have a north facing room. It doesn't get a lot of light the window is about 3ft wide x 3ft high. I am thinking of putting up some black out curtains to keep the room nice and cosy for the winter and cooler in the summer months. At the moment I have a roman blind which I like but it doesn't cosy the room up. The radiator is opposite the window.

The room is a rectangular shape. I have a wall of wardrobe and drawer space and my bed is on the opposite wall. So the middle of the room is like a walk way.

I have white and taupe bedlinen which I accessorise with a wool blanket in a trio of warm neutral colours. I have white and grey cushions for the summer months and a aubergine cushion for the winter months.

The other things I have in my room with colour is my lampshade which is a pink colour and my tea light holders and tiffany travel case in turquoise (tiffany blue).

I want to warm my room up but I want to stick to a neutral palette. What would you recommend?
Start here:


Lots of neutral photos on the first page. 54,000 photos to look at. Find something you LOVE and copy it!
Thank you will look here too.

So far I have been looking at paint colours and I like Farrow and Ball's Conforth white and Crown Eglise Grey.

Here are the links to the colours

In this home they have used Conforth White by Farrow and Ball http://www.washingtonian.com/blogs/...ide-look-a-georgetown-rowhouse-renovation.php

In this picture below the picture rail is Crown Eglise Grey http://www.florencefinds.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/grey-walls.jpg

I am hoping to pick up paint pots tomorrow to see how they look in my room.
Jul 8, 2007
They are all really nice but I would probably pick the second one! The bedding looks so good!

I have been making a list of things to keep and what to purchase. In the winter months my red throw and cushions will be used, in the summer I use my neutral set.

Which of these room schemes do you prefer?



They are all really nice but I would probably pick the second one! The bedding looks so good!
Thank you, I really like the second one. I am trying to think of ways of making it work with taupe. I have one taupe bed set and one white with taupe trim. I have beige/taupe in my lampshades. So I am planning to keep those. I was thinking of doing my own take on this with white? I am really inspired by scandinavian living as they use a lot of white in there decoration but add colour and texture through accessorising. Do you think the colour would work with the things I already own?
I am concentrating on my clear out for the time being which is going well. I have added my favourite pictures of rooms, accessories and colours to a scrap book. I keep going back editing my choices.

The colours I'm looking at painting my room are Dulux natural calico or Crown Antique Cream with Laura Ashley Ivory eggshell for woodwork. As the room doesn't get a lot of light these colours help with brightening up the room. I am lucky as the houses behind reflect the sunlight off their windows through my window which casts a warm glow on the wall opposite. I am hoping for an airy look similar to this http://www.houzz.com/photos/1444391/Marblehead-Cottage-traditional-bedroom-boston.

I will add texture and warmth with throws, cushions, lighting and candles. With this clear out happening I will then be able to purchase some smaller pieces of furniture and possibly change my bedroom layout.


Feb 12, 2006
I hope this has been uploaded
I have a North facing house , all rooms that is...must be very common in the UK. We have recently moved in and this is the color scheme I have chosen for the master bed
North facing must be popular in the UK for some reason. I think what is making my paint decision harder is the recommendation from the respectable paint company recommending colours. I remember a time when I used to just paint my room whatever colour I liked. Now I'm listening to Dulux, Farrow and Ball and Crown to paint it a warm cream without the yellow hints.

Your room looks lovely.
It's been a while since I posted in this thread. I have been having a clear out and still have a long way to go.

I have been purchasing things for my room. These are couple of things I am keeping to accessorise my bedroom.

The first is the Tiffany & Co Manhattan trinket box and the second is a Kosta Boda glass glimmer votive candle holder.

Tiffany & Co Manhattan.jpg

Tiffany & Co Manhattan 1.jpg

Tiffany & Co Manhattan 3.jpg

Tiffany & Co Manhattan 4.jpg

Kosta Boda.jpg

Tiffany & Co Manhattan 2.jpg

Kosta Boda 1.jpg
The Bradley Throw by Twig UK in neutral and this cushion by Hilly Horton Home on Etsy are my Spring/Summer accessories.

bradley throw neutral.jpg
Hilly Horton Home cushion.jpg

The Bronte Prestige red and cream spot reversible throw and this cushion by Hilly Horton Home are my Autumn/Winter accessories.

Bronte Throw.jpg
Hilly horton Home cushion 1.jpg

I purchased a lamp shade to fit a table lamp and a bigger one for my ceiling light fitting from Humingbird Home on Etsy.

light fitting.jpg

The Kosta Boda and the Tiffany Manhattan I was thinking of using throughout the year to accessorise my bedroom. Do you think they are more suited for Autumn/Winter or do you think they could work all year round?

I haven't decided on my wall colour yet. I need something warm on the walls but not too dark. I want to create a cosy ambience in the room. One of my favourite hotels is the Intercontinental in Cannes. I loved our stay there and loved the colour scheme.

What do you think of the progress so far? Do the accessories work together?