1. Can we see some pics of these bags.

    I see the indigo one and omg :love::love:
    I'm interested in the red or maybe other discontinued colors.
  2. here's my Perle :flowers:. when my other one arrives i'll post that up :graucho:
  3. Am DYING for the Perle,, I love the Bedford, it's so classic LV....
  4. I was just looking at the Bedford yesterday on ELuxury. Does anyone know where I could find one in Indigo? That is probably the most beautiful color in the Vernis.
  5. This my bedford in marshmallow
  6. Marshmallow is fabulous too! mmmmm,,, you CAN find a Bedford in Indigo, new, but hurry... Valley Fair or Beverly Hills will work with you...g'luck.
  7. Wanted to post in this thread, 2nd try...
    Post Indigo Bedford.jpg
  8. i LOVE the marshmallow bedford... it's beautiful! i'd love to get my hands on one once i can afford and find an authentic one on ebay or something. too bad the color's discontinued.
  9. what color do you have on the way ?
  10. try calling 866 vuitton, if they dont have one EBAY!
  11. Marshmallow:wlae:

  12. Very nice.
  13. heres my discontinued beige. I like that a lot more than the new noisette :smile:
  14. Btw the vernis stamping of the logos have changed the past 2 years. It used to be a lot lighter and not so deep-now looking at the newer colors their all very deep. I think its a bit disappointing because I personally find the new stamping too heavy and colors are not as vibrant/polished as they used to be (I wish they hadn't made that change). Don't get me wrong I still buy the newer vernis items but I see a difference in quality.