Bedford Reveal

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  1. I just love this bag. It's the medium Bedford in purple. I also have the large but it's huge for me so it's going back next week.

    Pics to follow. iPhone pics are not that accurate with the color so I took with and without flash.
  2. image-4095865821.jpg

    Front of bag with's really not this purple.
  3. image-3693261993.jpg

    Back of bag with flash.
  4. image-242978440.jpg

    Without flash.
  5. I can't tell you have super soft this bag is. It feels devine! It is the perfect size for me.

    I will move in next week, going away for the weekend to our lake house. No time to savor the moving in moment, you know what I mean?:smile:

    I keep going in and looking at it, it is wonderful to feel this way about a new bag.
  6. That is just gorgeous; I love the color! Isn't it nice when you find a bag that you're just totally smitten with? That's when you know it's true love!
  7. So true my true!
  8. What a beautiful bag :smile: how purple does it look in he sun? Maybe show is later after you move in? :smile:
  9. This is a great bag! It's incredible how much the color changes depending on whether you used flash or not!
  10. Thanks really is a gorgeous bag.

    The color is amazing. I will post a few pics in the sunlight next week. I am at our lake house now so when I get back home I will take a few more pics.

    Love my new bag.....I miss her already.
  11. Really beautiful bag :love: Congrats!
  12. Thank you!