Bedford, Papillon or Soufflot?


Bedford, Papillon or Soufflot?

  1. Vernis Bedford

  2. Monogram Papillon

  3. Epi Soufflot

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  1. I luv barrel bags. This will be my first Louis Vuitton barrel. Please help me choose and please let me know the pros & cons of each line. Thanks a bunch!;)
  2. I hear that the Bedford is not easily accessible. Other than that no other cons. Do you have colors/lines in mind?
  3. I have the mono and damier paps and I love then! They're very sturdy and practically indestructible. The more you use them, the softer the canvas gets. You might have to baby the bedford more since they're vernis and light colored vernis will be prone to color transfer. The epi soufflot is a bit stiff since they're leather. Whatever you choose, I hope you'll like those cute rolling barrel bags!! :nuts:
  4. Oh I see the poll now. Hmm. My vote is for the Bedford. I hope to one day get one in either Peppermint or Fuchsia. Which color did you have in mind?
  5. I have one of each style...but I prefer Epi Soufflot.

  6. I have the Damier Pap, and love her dearly, but the vernis bedford is just gorgeous in every color!
  7. I just want to clarify that the Bedford is also leather. It does not have to necessarily have to be babied. Vernis is beautiful both to the eye and to the touch. If you want a beautiful burst of color from a bag that even you won't be able to take your eyes off of then I'd say get a Bedford. I have one in rouge and one in fuchsia. Both of those colors are fabulous! I also had one in bronze but I let it get away. Get the back that you want so that you'll be happy in the end. Good luck. :yes:
  8. bedford!
    vernis is gorgeous, and it realy isn't as hard to take care of as people make it seem!
  9. A papillon! It's such a classic- don't much care for the shape of the soufflot or the delicacy of the Vernis :s
  10. I'd get the Vernis Bedford!
  11. vernis bedford
  12. I love the Bedford but it's hard to get and out of quickly. I chose the Papillon, but instead of Mono, I'd go with Damier.
  13. for me, it's either the bedford or the soufflot. don't like the barrel-shaped bags, too much, but i like them better in the epi and vernis than i do in the mono or damier. what colors were you thinking of in the epi or vernis? my vote would be for anything in red.
  14. Bedford is my favorite but like Rebecca said it's hard to get to. I use my monogram pap 26 more. I still love the bedford though.
  15. I like the Damier Papillon the most. I have one in the 26 size and I LOOOOOOOVE it!! :love: