Bedford owners, any ideas how to make it retain its barrel shape?

  1. My bedford sort of dented at both sides next to the zipper and it kinda annoys me. Any ideas how to make it go back to its rounded shape? TIA!
  2. I think the trick is to 'stuff' it when you are not using it :yes:
  3. Yea, I thought so too. But the opening is so narrow and it's so hard to stuff into. Lol... :p I'm still thinking of the best thing to stuff it. Hoping that I can discover some miracle ways from this thread. Lol... :p
  4. what about rolled up towels?
  5. Hmm, I'll try that. :yes:

    Previously I used a bundle of rolled-up bubble wrap. But I find it work to retain the shape at the side and bottom, not so much on the top where the dent is (next to the zipper). If I stuff it too full, it's hard to zip up. If I stuff it lesser the dent is still there after zipping. KWIM? It's really frustrating. :push:
  6. My papillon does that too if I don't stuff it.
  7. Yea but i think papillon will be easier since the canvas is soft. The bedford is so thick and hard. The dent just remains there and hard to get rid of. :sad:
  8. ohhh that's true.
    hmmm did you see the thread about the speedy pillow stuffer? Maybe there is a bedford pillow stuffer! If not, someone should make one!
  9. Yea, I saw that thread. :yes: It's so cute! :love:

    Well, even if they make one, I doubt the pillow would be able to go through the narrow opening of the bedford. :sweatdrop: :rolleyes:
  10. Experts, any other ideas, anyone? :p
  11. It gets dented because it's not stuffed. The thing about vernis is that if you don't stuff it, the lining seperated from the outside and it can never be fixed! Always stuff your vernis item with tissue paper until it is full. (Bubble wrap will not work or other air filled plastic) My SA taught me this trick and even showed me the dents on the display items they have at the store.
  12. Thanks for the info! :yes: I'm taking out the bubble wrap and try stuffing with other stuffs- tissue, towel, t-shirts, etc.

    Any other ideas are definitely welcome! Thanks! :yes:
  13. Stuff it when not in use....I personally don't own one, but my best friend carries Damier Papillon once in a while and she has had it for three years now. She stuffs it to the brim when she isn't using it, and I must say that it still looks spankin' new because of that.

    It has kept its shape.
  14. That's weird, my Peppermint one has never lost its shape and I don't stuff it at all. I just have it hanging on my wall.
    But yeah I guess you should stuff some washcloths in it or something when you aren't using it.
  15. I keep my Bronze Bedford stuffed with tshirts - I've had it for several years, and no dents!:yahoo: :yahoo:
    It seems kinda hard to believe that tissue paper would work, though, because it's so light...