Bedford Large Tote - Brown & Black Signature??

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  1. I'm looking for an everyday big tote and I like the Bedford large tote style because of the exterior multi-pockets and the long shoulder straps!

    I don't know which print should I choose? Brown or black signature??

    Brown looks more classic, but black is more versatile.
    Brown comes with the gold hardware & black comes with the silver hardware.

    What would you pick?
  2. Hello! Have you chosen yet? Just noticed this post is a few weeks old.

    Personally whichever you look at and know you HAVE to have is the one I would suggest.

    I'm going to Google to see what each looks like...


    Both are nice, to be honest! Also the white with beige shoulder straps is nice too.

    I would give the slight edge to the brown one. There is no specific reason why, because the black is nice too. I feel like MK does more with it's signature print in brown schemes compared to black.