Bedford bag!

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  1. I really love the bedford bag :heart:
    I dunno what color to get it in!:confused1:
    The pretty red :P Or this new deep purple thats almost a black that they are gonna launch in june!:roflmfao:
    Or any other color you can think of :dothewave: Thanks!!!!!!
  2. Maybe wait for mid June when I think amarante (the deep purple) is supposed to debut, and then compare and decide. it's not that far away, and that way you don't have to second guess yourself. I'm in a similar boat myself. I want to get the french purse, but don't know whether to get pomme (the pretty red) or the amarante. There are threads on this forum that have some photos of the new amarante color. One of the SAs told me that it is a deep purple with some greenish tones.
  3. Wait for the amarante. I think it's going to be gorgeous and a more versatile color.
  4. I say the new release color Armante~ When is the actual date of the launch?
  5. Amarante...but what colours do you usually wear? You dont wanna clash!
  6. I'll go for the Pomme bedford, thats prolly the only vernis color that i like~
  7. You guys are right, I should wait for the new color. I wear mostly black. What do you think of the epi collection???? And what do you think of the damier azur speedy 30! I want that one as well!
  8. Yes definitely wait, I bet the bedford would be stunning in the new color!
  9. Yup, I would wait for the amarante too. You can compare both then. :yes:
  10. i agree, wait till you see the amarante IRL and then decide....
  11. I really like the Pomme and the Amarante seems like it's going to be gorgeous. Wait for it, then decide.
  12. ITA! :yes:
  13. Wait for the amarante!
    I was going to get the lexington in pomme and then i realised that the amarante was coming out, so i passed! Im soo happy now because im going to get the SUnset Blv instead! You may not like the amarante, and if not then you can get a different colour! Get pomme! xx
  14. ditto =)

  15. Azur Speedy is such a gorgeous bag! Def one to consider! If you like epi have you considered the Soufflot its a similar style to the Bedford.

    If you like the Amarante more then the Pomme then wait, but becareful as Pomme won't be available for much longer...