Bedford Amarante or Soufflot (but what color)

  1. Now i'm getting bonkers here.. I just bought 2 bags last weekend and now i'm thinking of buying another bag.... :sweatdrop: After buying my 1st piece of vernis -the Rosewood in Pomme, I' so in :heart: with vernis that I would LOVE to buy another vernis piece.. However, I also like the soufflot in epi...but I'm not sure what color should i get, I like Ivoire but I'm worried about stains and color transfer etc how how how...please give me some opinions/advise :confused1:

    (ps:if i'm getting amarante bedford, I hv to go down to the store tommorrow coz its fast-sellng over here!!) TIA!
  2. I am longing for a framboise bedford and a red soufflot!
    I haven't seen the amarante IRL yet, so I'm not sure on it. Sometimes it looks divine and sometimes it looks too raisiny for me.
  3. I've been thinking about the amarante vanity case, or pomme, those are two tough decisions. I love the soufflot, but have two bedfords, so can't justify. I think the soufflot might be an all around more useful bag than the Bedford, the Bedford is def for hardcore vernis lovers... at the boutique, i actually liked the bedford in pomme better than the amarante, but amarante is really cool in other styles... tough, huh?
  4. kitsunegrl, since u got the two... which one is more useful and versatile?
  5. I love Soufflot, stronger than Vernis pieces :smile: with Soufflot, my fave colors are Vanilla, Mandarin, Lilac, Red, Myrtille, Yellow.
  6. I don't have either, just longing for them.........
    I think the epi would be more useful/durable, but the vernis is so darn pretty!
  7. amarante the color. =)
  8. amarante bedford.....I'm not a vernis fan, but I love this one!!!
  9. Bedford! I love that bag and would love to have one!
  10. I'd go with the Amarante Bedford as well.
  11. I would go with the Amarante. Its such a sexy color! It makes me think of black cherry. It also kind of reminds me of the Chanel nail color, vamp. Its a vampy, sexy color! :graucho:
    I'm looking to get the Houston in Amarante.
  12. I love the Amarante color. I was never a huge fan of Vernis until this color came out. I think it's gorgeous :nuts:
  13. amarante bedford!!!
  14. if you already have the rosewood then go for the soufflot..
  15. How about the soufflot in Black?