Bedding Question??

  1. Hi again everyone so i have another question i figure i would ask you guys because my husband is no help what so ever..So i'm having a problem making up my mind on how to do the babies room..I'm not sure if i want to do Cowboys or Giraffe print..I found a full bedding set for the cowboys but for the Giraffe i found a really pretty throw blanket and it is very elegant and soft and just so cozy. All i would have to do is get some sheets. And my daughter already bought her little brother a baby giraffe to match her Giraffe that my mom got her which is a Large one. It was so cute i have to tell the story so me and my daughter were at the maternity store and you know how they have little stuff animals by the counter? Well my daughter the ham she is seen it and was like i need to buy this for my baby brother he needs it just like mine that nonna got me!! Thats really not the reason why i chose the Giraffe i just came across this blanket and was like that would be so cute and elegant..But not sure if i want to fun and funky and forget about my husband no help with nothing!! So what do you guys think? Should i go modern or should i go elegant?
  2. I like the giraffe, it's fun.
  3. ^^^ I second the giraffe!
  4. do giraffe now and cowboy in his big boy room in a couple of years! :biggrin:
  5. Thanks everyone i know i could count on you guys LOL..
  6. I know I'm late to this thread but I agree, giraffes are way cuter. Cowboys for later...
  7. I think the giraffe is cuter for baby and when he moves up to toddler range, go for cowboys. You can only get away with all the cutsie stuff when they are really little so go for it.
  8. Thanks everyone so i went with the giraffe and it looks so cute i bought the throw blanket and the sec.blanket and me and my sister made the bumper it look so cute..We just finished it yesterday i can't wait to put it on the crib i'm so excited to see how it will look all together..
  9. Again, I know I am late, but I also like the giraffe. I am extremely biased though because I also have a giraffe theme for my son's room. I am obsessed with giraffes and actually, I think I might have to go buy that blanket right now!! Sorry to steal your ideas but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
  10. Thats ok i don't mind if you steal the idea..And let me tell you once you get the blanket you will actually want to buy more i love it..I want one for myself they are so soft and comfty..And if you go to thats were i got it..And i have a coupons for 15% off the coupon is tinytot15 and it should still work. Enjoy!!!:yahoo:
  11. Sorry it's sold out on that web site go to but sorry i don't have any coupons for them
  12. Oh your so sweet! Tell me though, did you get the little security blanket too? They are sold out everywhere and I want one of those too! :crybaby:
  13. Yeah i bought both i had to it was just too cute..Did you google Max Daniel Blanket's? I just went on and they have them. I just started looking i'm going to see if i can find another web site for you..I'll let you know..But i would just buy it from them? i know they have it. Because when i seen the blanket i called that ultrasound place because i'm like 15 mins away from them and they said yeah we have them. And that was just 2 weeks ago..
  14. Ok so i found another web site that has them in stock it is Danajill Let me know what happens i hope you get it..They are just a must have you'll love them!!!
  15. Omigod - Your are the BEST. I did google it last night, but I didn't come up with that site (and they call me a journalist - fine research skills I have!:smile:

    The reason I didn't get it on storksnapshots is because it says its in stock, but then when you go to add it to your cart, a red flag comes up saying that I have exceeded the quantity that they have in stock ( I only wanted one)!

    OK, but I am going to go try buying from the other website. I'll let you know how it goes.

    BTW, you will have to post pics when you get your nursery finished. I'm dying to see it. I seriously love anything with giraffes!