Bedat Watches...Anyone have one??

  1. Hello boyfriends mom has a Bedat Watch and its really really beautiful. I have been on the hunt for a watch for some time now...something that i can wear all the time. She got hers when she went to St.Thomas because jewelry is cheaper down there.

    So my question is....does anyone have one??? Also I know alot of people have Rolexs and other expensive watches on here, I dont have money right at this moment for something this expensive, this would be something I would really have to save for. But is worth the money to have a really good watch to wear every day??

    Thanks all for the help!!!
  2. anyone?
  3. I think it's really worth it if you plan to wear it every day. They are considered fashion watches and have a lower resale value, so I would only buy it if you plan on keeping it. I'm saving for a Bedat watch too! They are quite beautiful and unique. Which one are you looking at?
  4. There are so many i cant choose!!! I really want one with a black band with diamonds. I just cant decide which one i want!!

    which one are you looking at?
  5. i have this same exact one. its one of the first fancy watches i have with diamonds and i totally love it!
  6. Thats an amazing watch!!x
  7. thats soooo pretty!!!!
  8. This is the one I am looking at. I happened to be talking to a Bedat rep at Saks and she suggested I try it on. I absolutely love it!

  9. this is gorgeous! and what i like about bedat, even if its packed with diamonds - it's still reasonably priced.

    btw, i got mine from Saks too!
  10. Oh my, those are soooo gorgeous.....
  11. I have one and it's my "fashion" watch. Mine has a stingray strap and gold case. The best part is, it retails for $7,000, but I got it on sale from a local jeweler for $2100. I think they're cool watches, but definitely not investment pieces.
  12. Omg this is one of the few I have been looking at!!!!
  13. courtney, did you end up getting a Bedat watch?

    I am drooling over this one, but wondering whether I should spend more money to buy a nice (but more expensive) Cartier, but without diamonds...

  14. That is beautiful! Where did you see it?
  15. Believe it or not, Amazon!