Bed Wetting in the night Help!

  1. Hi everyone i have a question and i really hope someone can help. So my daughter who is 3 1/2 has been potty trained for a over a year. So like a month or so she keeping going potty in her sleep. She has never done this before and all of a sudden out of no were..I was like it's ok the first night but then it started happen alot. And i'm not sure why it's happened. I don't know if it's because i'm pregnant or if it's because she is just being lazy at night..Is this happening to anyone else? Any advise?
  2. It could be a few things? Is she drinking more when she goes to bed? Is she suddenly sleeping heavier than she did before? Like maybe, she took naps before and now she doesn't so she's extra tired when she knocks out and just sleeps through it? Does she wake up when she does it and come get you? Or does she not realize she did it until morning? I don't know... I'm no expert... but hopefully you can cancel reasons out and come to a conclusion so she has dry nights :smile: good luck!
  3. my daughter is almost 4 yrs old and have not been on diapers for 2 years
    but once in a while she does get some accidents at night...
    so I just remind her to potty before bed or whenever I wake up at night
    i wake her up too and ask her if she would like to potty.
    sometimes she does and sometime she doesn't want too.
    but if she wets her bed for two days in a row even if we do this
    then I put her back in trainers...
    she hates this so she usually stops peeing on her bed.
  4. Our dd went through a phase like this. We did ask her what was going on and if she was feeling ok. She actually told us that she was too tired to get up. So we did a couple of things: first was we tried to keep her from drinking large amounts about 2 hours before bedtime. We also would insist that she go to the bathroom right before bed, whether she said she felt like it or now (and 9 times out of 10, she'd go even when she said she really didn't think she had to). The last thing was that we told her she'd have to start wearing diapers to bed again if she couldn't get up enough to use the potty. Like Sarsi's dd, that was not a palatable situation for her, so it basically stopped.
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  9. I think everyone was on a good roll of what to look for. If she continues to wet the bed. And you put her back into pull ups...I would then see the pediatrician to make sure she doesn't have a UTI...Or something like that. But it would be my last ditch effort if you've tried all the other ideas mentioned and still have no success.
  10. My brother also got some sort of moisture detector for my nephew. It has some sort of little clips that attach to his underwear and do something (I don't know what -- beep, vibrate, shock him mildly - kidding on that last one) if he starts to go. It's been a huge success for him, and could be something to check if the problem is that she just doesn't wake up enough to notice.
  11. Also check to see if there were other bed wetters in your family history (you, uncles, aunts, grandparents). This tends to run in families and it's possibly genetic and not anything psychological or physical.

    Here are some articles - especially since she didn't used to and now does and is approaching the age that it's common to start? Leads me to think it's this... but check with your pediatrician about it too to be sure it's not a UTI or something else.

    This is sooooo common. A pain to deal with, but you need to get educated on it because handling it wrong can have lasting emotional consequences. She's not being lazy almost certainly, but just doesn't feel that she is going.

    My uncle was a bed wetter, my brother was a bed wetter and my husband's cousin was a bed wetter. It stopped as quickly as it started for no apparent reasons.

    S0 far, DS #1 did not, but we'll see with #2. MIL (unfortunately) thinks it's caused by psychological issues (she's a trained psychiatrist following Freudian principles) so we are happy we haven't had to deal with this yet as I'm sure we would never hear the end of it!

  12. The paranoid mom in me would worry this would malfunction and cause a fire...And my child would be IN THE MIDDLE of it...:rolleyes:...I recall mind you my boys are 10yrs. old and 7 yrs. old...When the baby montiors would catch fire...And you weren't to put them near the cribs...Thus...That under the child would have FREAKED me out~
  13. My 7 year still wears pull-ups to bed; many do. Eventually he'll grow out of it. I don't see the big deal about this.

    That said, many children start to wet the bed when something is bothering them/change/other issues. The first thing that hit me was you saying you're pregnant. I bet that's a big deal for her. Believe me, small children stress out over so many things and adults tend to either not realize it's an issue or don't put 2 and 2 together. Not drinking before bed helps (doesn't help mine though, lol), makeing sure there is one last bathroom visit before bed (again, does nothing for mine) and letting her use pull-ups along with a mattress cover/pad that keeps the sheets from getting wet (available in most medical supply stores- about 3 ft by 2ft) in the meantime. I wouldn't stress over this and I wouldn't stress her out over this. JMHO. Good luck.
  14. Thanks everyone. So i tried not giving her anything to drink after 7 and it worked ..She hasn't wet the bed so i'm happy about that..I hope it stays that way. I just fell really bad because she tells me that she is thirsty and i feel so bad saying no to her but i explain that if she drinks something then she is going to go peepee in her bed..She understands but it breaks my heart.
  15. My son is 4 1/2 and still needs pull-ups at night. His body is not yet capable of holding his pee all night. My pediatrician told me that this is normal behavior in children up to age 6. If a 3 year old has some dry nights and some wet nights, she is probably just not ready to hold her pee all night. I would keep her in nighttime pull-ups until you get, like, 5 dry morning diapers in a row, and then try again without diapers. (I don't remember where I read that 5 dry diapers rule...but I read it somewhere trustworthy!)