Bed Update: new pillow

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  1. some of you might remember...last spring I bought the Carriage scarf and made it into a pillow.

    I wasn't planning on doing another but when this other came out I had to!

    goes with the large French pattern on it...French Carriage, French military jacket. are pics!

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  2. and to tie it in...I am having Soleil de Soie made into a bolster (round pillow) with gathered ends and ornate French buttons in the middle of the gathering that will be on each side...

    click here for a pic of that: #98

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  3. We have the same taste, GG, I just bought the Brandenbourg (in black) and I've been eyeing the Carosse. They look great as pillows, and are a great match stylewise.
  4. I'm not sure if I'd ever do it, but I love it! And I love the theme you have there -- those two scarves are fantastic together like that? Did you make these yourself? What is the back -- another scarf or some other fabric?
  5. Oh my, what a gorgeous idea!
  6. Excellent idea, beautiful pillows.

  7. Great work, GG!
  8. Wow what a great idea!
  9. They look great!
  10. thanks guys!

    I didn't make them myself but sent to a local place.

    They charged me $100 each which includes labor, the insert and the silk backing

    the blue Carriage one has a gold silk on the back and the Military Jacket has a chocolate brown silk on the back
  11. GG - those are gorgeous! I love your idea for bolster, too! It will be stunning!
  12. Guccigal, so pretty! I love it. :smile:
  13. I love the scarves made into pillows. Simply STUNNING.:yes:
    I was going to frame a shawl or a scarf because I love the colors but I am having a hard time finding a place on my wall. So I think I will follow your womderful idea and have pillows made from the scarfs.
  14. Those pillows are fabulous!!! Very clever idea!!!
  15. Fabulous idea GG!!! There are some designs I love, but they don't suit me.. perfect cushion material!