Bed Resting Buddies!

  1. Hey, I noticed that like myself, there are a few other women on Bed rest also!! Let's talk about our boring view of the couch/bed! LOL!
  2. My name is Rhea, And I was Diagnosed with

    Vulvar Varicosities

    This is the definition.

    Poorly recognized, despite being common, in particular during pregnancy and above all in multipara, this familial condition falls within the context of venous disease in general. Slight during a first pregnancy, vulval varicosities develop all the earlier and are larger as the number of pregnancies increases. They cause discomfort, heaviness in the pubic region, sometimes pruritus or even pain, which is most often relieved by lying flat. Complications, which are uncommon, may give rise to exacerbation of the clinical symptoms described above in relation with a notable increase in size and, more rarely, traumatic ruptures which respond to compression. They disappear completely post-partum. Often poorly tolerated during successive pregnancies, the symptoms of vulval varicosities of pregnancy are significantly relieved by phlebotonic agents.

    So I have been told that it will not get any better, it's only going to get worse until I deliver the baby, and I have until next month to go. It's only going to get worse!!! I was telling my ob, that the only way it feels better is when I lay down, so that's what I'm to do. I can't even walk the perimeter of my house without being in excruciating pain. Rowan is head down already, and I also believe that has some reasoning because of my pain also. He also gave me a prescription for something called a Maternity compression stocking. I can't stand this pain anymore.....
  3. I'm on bedrest because I am incompetent.:roflmfao: I had a cerclage(stitch to close cervix) during my first pregnancy that I may not have needed, and it has caused scarring to where I can't be pregnant without bedrest and a cerclage. I'm not in pain, but I am always scared the stitch won't hold since the doctor told me this had better be my last baby because my cervix was shot. I have been so bored I ordered crazy books from the penny section of So far I have read The Bunny Book, How To Walk, Talk and Act like a bunny, The Gold Diggers Guide, Hot Mammas, How To Be A Princess, and I am expecting Legally Blonde and Notes From The Underbelly in the mail any time now. It is amazing what you will do when you are bored. The hardest thing is the cleanliness of my house-I like my house super clean and my hubby does not have that talent or drive.:rolleyes:
  4. Aww, I feel for you. I can get up and do things, but after like 5 minutes the pain is unbearable. Plus I have 3 other kids ages 5 3 and 1 and Bedrest is practically impossible. Last night DH had to help me up the stairs because I could barely feel my legs...Grrr....

    How long so far have you been on bedrest?? When did they put you on?