Bed, Bath & Beyond Cicular - Featuring an H Kelly???

  1. Okay, so I get the holiday BB&B circular and I'm flippin' through it....Thanksgiving is coming soon, might want some decorative stuff, you know how it goes...

    Any way, I get to page 22 and what do I see?!?!?! :confused1:

    An Hermes Kelly bag, in crocodile or alligator no less, hanging from an "over-the-door" purse rack ($9.99 if your interested). My immediate thoughts are:

    1) Nobody with a Kelly would hang it on the bottom (sort of like "nobody puts baby in the corner!!" :p a la the movie Dirty Dancing) OR even hang it on an over-the-door rack (or would you?)

    2) It's got to be fake...which is just plain sad to even feature it... :yucky: :yucky: :yucky:

    3) I have no idea what the other bags styles are, so it could it be some stylist's or creative director's way to show off their bag collection?! ;)

    Your thoughts?
  2. Wow, good sighting PCG!
  3. I saw that too!! I thought the same way as you preppycowgirl.
  4. LoL that's cute!
  5. You know something? I was going to get a Kelly for Christmas, and that kinda killed it for me. Thats really not a pretty Kelly.. :smile:
  6. pcg, *ROTFLMAO* ha ha!!
  7. That was hilarious!
  8. I'd never store any of my bags hanging by the handle. :wtf: If I was fortunate enough to have a Kelly, you can bet it would never, ever be stored any where other than the dust bag on a nice cozy shelf.
  9. LOL why is it on the bottom, the kelly should be top of the heap.
  10. That is just kind of weird... and funny!
  11. That looks just like Britney's bag! She'd be lame enough to store her fake bag that way.:s
  12. That was a pretty funny find! So how many of the $5 off coupons do you need to save up for the Kelly at BB&B? LOL! Yeah, like I would be hanging the Kelly on a door rack!:roflmfao:
  13. it wasn't just me who thought it was a lame-o fake. I would NEVER hang my Kelly behind my door! That's just wrong! :hs: