Becoming vegetarian?

  1. Do you eat meat? Have you thought about a vegetarian diet?

    Over the past few years we have gradually reduced the amount of red meat we eat to the point where we eat virtually none now. Very little chicken. But still eat a fair amount of fish, mostly salmon and yellowfin tuna.

    The elimination of red meat wasn't really a hard call -- just the cumulative effect of reading I had done on the meat processing industry and the cost to the environment of producing beef. I find that I am somewhat turned off by the sight of the red meat at the super market now. Having said that, we are not pledged vegetarians and when my son is home for the summer we will probably have some meat. But, we are finding that, for just the two of us, we are much happier with fish, vegetables, salad, soups.

    Do you eat meat?
  2. I've been a vegetarian for 8 yrs. I did it as a dare to myself since I had anatomy class broken up between lunch. It was easy to give up those weeks and then it became a month, then two... then on.

    People have this misconception that being a vegetarian will help them lose a lot of weight. I sometimes find it harder. All the diets out there are often for meat-eaters and my evils of cheese and sweets are still allowed.
  3. I was a vegetarian for a year. Tried to get back to it recently, but I find it very hard now.
  4. i haven't had reat meat or pork in about 10 years! i saw that oprah show she was sued for and stopped that day, but i was never a big red meat eater, so it wasn't hard for me. i do eat chicken and tons of fish. the hardest part is going to people's houses for dinner or set meals at events...and sometimes my bf forgets to tell people and i feel so bad telling someone at the last minute. i think the bf secretly wishes i'll just change my mind and start eating it. i think he'd like a pepperoni pizza once in a while, LOL.
  5. I've thought about it but I can't do it. I like meat. Maybe when I'm older and I have eaten all the meat I want.
  6. I can't do it... but my sister did for a while, and my mom cut out red meat for a long time too. There are so many health-conscious restaurants now and so many different foods you can make that it can be done
  7. I cut out red meat for 5 years. I started doing it as a way to stop me from going into fast food places (I had put on 20 lbs in first year univeristy from fast food so I had to stop!)

    I did this for 5 years but I was definitely missing the iron and b12. My hair and nails were thin, brittle and dry, my skin was dry and blotchy and I was bruising really easily.

    I then dated a guy who was a total meat and potatoes kinda guy. I love red meat myself and one day I had a bite of his steak.....from that day on I was a red meat eater again.

    Its hard for me because morally I am torn. I am a huge animal lover, all my charity donations go causes that help animals, I use to be a humane society volunteer, my dog is a rescue dog, and I love them more than I do people some time. On the other hand, I am a meat eater and I love leather so I am a huuuge hypocrite. If I ever decide to become vegetarian it would be strictly for moral and ethical reasons not for health reasons and I would also then turn over all my bags, shoes, belts and jackets.
  8. I'm glad that was mentioned! I've been a vegetarian for 10 years, since I was in my teens, and I dobn't even think about it. But when I was a kid I hated meat anyways, and I would gag if I was made to eat it. I think I was meant to be veggie lol! Needless to say I sat at the table alot when I was younger (till I finished my dinner). :lol:
  9. i havent eaten meat in more than 7 years, and i can't imagine ever doing it again.
  10. Have you read "The Food Revolution"? That book scared me and woke me up about the food industry in general. I do eat meat though, it's a huge part of my family and family culture, but I limit it. If I eat too much of something, my stomach rejects it. I have a super sensitive stomach =(
  11. I don't want to ruin your day, but eating large fish like tuna, marlin, etc is also no advisable. This is because of the mercury that is being dumped in the ocean. The mercury comes the pollution and is carried by the rain to the ocean. The basic rule is, the bigger the fish, the more mercury it ingests.
  12. I have been a vegetarian for 21 years (since age 13). I was also vegan during college and law school.

    I find it MUCH easier the last few years as there are so many options out there.
  13. I was raised vegetarian and still am - So, life-time vegetarian here.

    I tried a vegan diet for 2 years when I had a psychosomatic dairy allergy pop up out of the blue.

    I can make the best dairy free chocolate cake and cheesecakes you have ever tasted.

    In fact, my dairy free cheesecakes - no one knew they weren't the real thing (and, I DO NOT use tofu).

    I hate tofu - it is a myth that vegetarians like tofu - eating veggie - DOES NOT mean eating a garden - or eating bland.
  14. I havent ate red meat or pork for about 5 or so years ..........I only eat chicken and turkey for the most part and some fish( shrimp, flounder, slamon etc...)
  15. Hooray! I'm so glad there are so many vegetarians and almost vegetarians here:smile: I haven't eaten red meat or chicken/turkey for over ten years. I have eaten seafood very occassionally at certain points during that period, but generally stay away from that as well.

    My main reason for doing so is not just the environment, but the hideously cruel and greusome conditions on factory farms and slaughter houses. I honestly would not have any problem w/ people eating meat except that the way the meat industry is currently run causes so much pain and suffering for the animals. And cows and pigs are actually as smart and sensitive as dogs and cats! Turkeys are pretty perceptive too!

    So now anytime I see meat I just think about someone eating my little kitties, and I'm horrified. Sadly, I'm starting to get a bit the same way about leather, which is really putting a damper on my handbag collection! Fortunately there is nylon and jacquard:smile:

    If anyone ever wants some titles of great books or videos about animals and the way that they think and feel just let me know. I actually taught a seminar on the ethical treatment of animals for freshmen at the college where I work, so have gathered a lot of info:smile: