Becoming smokefree.....


Jan 8, 2006
hey everyone

well, you might of seen in some of the threads and i'm trying to stop smoking.... i must say its day 7 of being smokefree and its not as bad as i thought it was going to be..... i could totally still kill for one, but we'll see what happens....

thanks to loganz for her great idea - it sorta worked but i got use to the taste and almost carried on smoking! :amazed:

but i must think about my life in the long run... i do want to have more money for bags and my trip! (well theres 4 of us heading your way, so does that mean i can get 4 cartons of smokes through duty free? ;) )

before anyone asks, yes i have done patches (twice), and the gum... both times it was a waste of time! :sad2: tried this out a few years ago!

well, i'll keep you guys up to date with my progress - if i save enough money i might even be able to get a new bag.... ***waves to amandas pewter balenciaga and magenta balenciaga***

thanks for listening :amuse:


Nov 2, 2005
Please just stop - I did it a long time ago (cold turkey) I got scared and didn't want to be the architect of my own demise. I have an addictive personality and it wasn't easy but it was so worth while!!! Get healthy for yourself and those who love you - :love:


Oct 23, 2005
You can do it, helen! I have faith in you :amuse: The payoff is worth it - you'll be healthier and you'll have extra cash for bags and other things. My dad used to smoke back in the 70s, quit when I was a baby, then started again when he switched jobs about 6 years ago. We had a long talk, and he decided to finally quit for good. He said it's one of the best decisions he's ever made :nuts:

We're here for you! Post when you're having a craving for a cigarette - we'll knock some sense into ya :P

Good luck! :love:


Feb 1, 2006
GOOD FOR YOU Helen! You are a better woman than I. I smoke about 5-6 cigs a day and as nasty as it is...I love sitting out by my pool, the ocean behind it watching the sun go down, the boats go by having a cig, and nice glass of wine...ahhh bliss at the end of the day! Im happy for you, I can only imagine how difficult it must be! My husband quite after the new year and I wanted to go buy him a carton, he was driving me crazy!


Dec 13, 2005
Good luck HelenNZ!!! I quit cold turkey in 1993. If I could do it, there is hope for EVERYONE! I was smoking about 2 packs a day!!! I'd have a cigarette before getting out of bed in the morning. I even would have a cigarette while I was eating. I know, gross. I think you just have to make your mind up to quit. Hang in there. It does get easier as time passes. I'm routing for ya!!!!


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
good luck! when you want it bad enough, you can do anything - my addiction has always been food and i lost 30 pounds last summer. just think about all those beautiful bags you can buy instead of ciggies.