Becoming part of family gossip due to Coach- vent

Feb 7, 2010
Okay ladies I figured if anyone would truly understand how annoying this is, it would be all of you. I just found out yesterday that two of my husband's 40 year old cousins are taking it among themselves to be discussing how many Coach bags I have and how expensive Coach is with the rest of his family.

The only reason they know how many I have is due to the fact I had purchased an Audrey about a month ago and had posted a picture of it on my facebook because a friend of mine wanted to see it. After it was posted I was discussing with some people on there about it. One woman came on saying how she didn't like Coach because the handles on her Poppy tote were coming off, the coloring that is. So I told her how I had never had a problem with Coach and that I had 12 purses.

Well I guess these two saw that and now it is just being discussed like it is going out of style. My mother in law told my husband yesterday on the phone. He was just like whatever I don't care it isnt any of their business. Which of course it isn't. It is just sad that they are so bored this is something entertaining to talk about. His family isn't the type to go out and spend that type of money on a purse and they see it as a true luxury.

Sorry I am all over the place I am still really agitated about all of this. I just had to tell you ladies because I am sure some of you have had to deal with stuff like this before.


Nov 13, 2009
Don't worry about it. I had a similar thing happen to me at work. The other women here decided to discuss my Coach bags like they were detrimental to my health! It was a hot topic for a while and then they eventually moved on to something else. I thought it was hilarious since I drive a modest toyota sedan and they all have pricey luxury cars. I drive an inexpensive car so I can buy nice purses, shoes and clothes. They choose to spend their money elsewhere but can't see the difference...whatev. Your husbands cousins are just jealous or have very boring lives!
Feb 7, 2010
Yeah I am trying to not let it bother me. I am pretty sure they are jealous. We had bought my mother in law a Coach purse for Christmas one year and they were all over it saying how lucky she was and stuff. It just annoys me because I am like seriously that is all you have to talk about.


Hopeless 4 Handbags
Nov 4, 2008
Is it so bad to collect handbags? I wonder why other people are so mean about it? I think I spent more money on my other hobbies such as scrapbooking, stampin up, make-up or fixing up my house. Maybe it's because handbags are with you all the time and can be seen. I sometimes feel uncomfortable changing out bags for work knowing they will ask me about it. But really...I will not allow them to steal my joy of carrying quality handbags.
Feb 7, 2010
Restore724- I think to them we are the debil lol because we enjoy collecting nice quality handbags that will last years. I used to spend way more money decorating our house then I do buying handbags. I can't really buy much more for our house because it is decorated just the way I want it so my addiction is Coach now lol
Dec 1, 2008
Whoa-- that would definitely agitate me, too. Your husband is awesome-- good for him, sticking up to his mom (that's SOOOO difficult and IMO the mark of a good husband in certain situations...!). I agree that it's nobody's business how many bags you own-- frankly, if you can afford it and it brings you joy, and it's not causing any harm, what's the problem?

Family politics can be so annoying, and I definitely sympathize. It's particularly tricky if you may have a little more than other parts of your family, and petty jealousies come into play (however much everyone will insist this isn't the case-- nobody ever wants to admit to bag envy/home envy/job envy). This is one of many reasons I'm very guarded about posting my bag collection on facebook.... who needs the extra drama, however harmless the initial intent?

And if these relations think your 12 bags are ridiculous, I can't imagine what they would think of some of the bag collections on this forum (which number to the hundreds)! You should take your relatives on a little tour of the bag showcase, and THEN see who remarks on your 12. :P
Mar 4, 2010
You should show up with a Chanel one day and watch their eyes fall out of their heads!

Seriously, though, there are people who will always make it their business what others are doing. When I first became a mom, this was clear to me. You're nursing? For how long? That's crazy! You switched to formula? That's practically poisoning your child! You're using disposable diapers? Why do you hate the earth? You're using cloth diapers? You know, all that laundry isn't very good for the environment...

Some people just have to be all up in everyone's business all the time in order to be happy. Enjoy your bags and enjoy being so exciting that people talk about you!


Aug 15, 2009
I personally wouldn't even let them know I was worried about what they think. Mostly people that are like this need something to keep them going.... they will move on to someone and something else next week. JMO
Sep 16, 2007
New York
wait a min we are in our 40's and like on FB talking about what some1 posted on anothers wall? buy as many coach bags as u want. some1 obiviously need to get a hobby. that sound like something someone would be saying half there age or even in HS!
Aug 24, 2009
People always need someone to talk about, it gives them validation and solace. If they are putting you under a microscope, then they get to be off the hook--at least for a while. It can be difficult to be the center of that attention...but it's root is nothing more than silly jealousy.

Here's the deal. You can vent and you can complain, or you can speak up and let them know that you're not one to be gossiped about. Put it where it belongs. I know that's so much easier said than done, but it's the only thing that will make it stopped.


Feb 26, 2009
KL, Malaysia
this is why i don't go FB with my purses and prefer to just stick in this forum..
there's been tons of cases whereby people got slammed on FB.. not just coach, but LV and Chanel as well.. same topic.. root of caused is from the face book..

and another thing i don't get is that u said u gave your mom in law coach bag before this?
and now she called your husband to whatt? talk about your coach bags?
sorry if this sounds rude but shessshhhh... how ungrateful of her!!


Art Is Everywhere
Jan 10, 2009
Maybe you ought to buy THEM coach wristlets or something for their next gifting holiday (b-day or xmas) and then they will stop gossiping and start loving on coach as much as we all do!