Becoming Jane

  1. Has anyone seen this movie?
  2. I haven't... and I want to!! Anyone??
  3. I haven't seen it either, but my sister and I really want to! In NYC it came out as only a "limited release" at first, and by the time it went into wide-release, it was only out for about two weeks. :sad: I hope it will be released on DVD soon.
  4. I went to see it today. I was disappointed. I found it slow and predictable.
  5. I agree. I saw it a few weekends ago, and found it incredibly forgettable.
  6. I guess I am in the minority, but I saw it, and I absolutely loved it. I thought she was so wonderful in the role. I didn't particularly care for the leading man though. I thought they could have done some better casting with him.
  7. I did ! and I loved it despite the fact that Anne Hathaway's British accent is poor.. but overall the movie is worth watching for those who love Jane Austen's work.
  8. I wanted to 'sneak' to a matinee this week, but it's only playing at night at the theatre near me :sad:
  9. Hi, I am a Jane Austen/historical romance freak!! Got 5 different versions of Pride and Prejudice (so yes, a diehard fan) I must admit to being disappointed with this movie. It was watchable but predictable and heavy handed without any of the lightness and wit of the Jane Austen novels. I did however enjoy keeping an eye out for Jane Austens "inspirations" ie characters in this film which would be based loosely on charatcters in the novels in order to be Jane's inspiration whilst writing.
    I have it it my chick flick collection but won't be watching ad nauseum as I do with the other movies.