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  1. David Beckham (looking a wee bit ridiculous in his newsboy cap) left the Radio 1 studios earlier on today after an interview on the “Chris Moyles Breakfast Show.” Former captain Becks expressed his anger and disappointment at being ruled out of the England squad. He told told BBC Radio 1: “[Manager of the England national football team]Steve McClaren called me out of the blue. He had called me before asking about my ankle - I thought everything was good. He said ‘I want to move forward but there will be casualties along the way and you’re one of them… I was angry and disappointed when I got off the phone. It surprised me, I was gutted. Playing for England meant everything to me. But I did not plead with him as he has made his decision. I still hope I will play for England again - that’s why I’ve not retired from international football because I want to play again. If I was a betting man then I wouldn’t bet on me playing again, but I really want to. I’m doing it for myself more than anything.” Poor Becks!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    :drool: :graucho:
  2. [​IMG][​IMG]
  3. That man is gorgeous!
  4. I still xoxoxo him, but the hat is just not doing it !
  5. Looking amazing, as usual!
  6. That cap needs to come off his head, pronto. It's destroying his features!
  7. cutie!
  8. hahaha funny hat. still quite the hottie.
  9. Love him!! Don't love his hat!