Beckon hobo - desert or black? (pics)

  1. does yours have the green and black leopard print lining?

  2. yeah it does!
  3. thanks....then it's the same leather as mine....not glazed but with a sheen to it?
  4. it's a little shiny but def not glazed on mine
  5. I like the dessert color (even though it might take more babying) because it really shows off the pattern/leather!
  6. thanks.....I actually think this color won't be to hard to keep nice.....I'm pretty easy on my bags and it's not that light
    when I was shopping yesterday, the SA brought out an MBMJ bag in an ivory pebbled leather....aside from the fact that it wasn't a style for me, I wouldn't be at all interested in that color - too delicate for me

  7. I'm curious how comfy those straps are on the shoulder? I have been eyeing this bag....
  8. from what I can tell without carrying it for any length of time, the straps are fairly comfortable. Of course, double straps can slip.

    On the pro side, those double straps allow you to open the bag wide and see all your stuff so you're not fishing around for your wallet, etc, as with a lot of hobos.

    And for being so large, it's not particularly heavy.

    I'm still a bit concerned about he size in proportion to my body though.

  9. Thanks for the info! FWIW, I prefer the bag in Black, and honestly I am not a black bag person... I just think the subtlety of the weaving is gorgeous in this color. If I were to get one, I'd get black. Is the leather as shiny as it appears or is that just lighting?
  10. I didn't notice the shine on the leather in the store. I noticed it more when I compared it to the photo of Halle Berry and her bag. It's fairly shiny but not glazed. I would describe it as smooth with some veins but no pebbling and some shine.

  11. Here are some modeling pics
    I'm leaning toward keeping the desert colored bag. But still possible I could keep the black one or return both.
    rm hobo 003.jpg rm hobo 004.jpg rm hobo 005.jpg rm hobo 006.jpg
  12. This looks good-thanks for posting pics. I've been intrigued by this one. I think i prefer the desert.
  13. thanks thedseer

  14. I really like them both on you...I don't think it looks too big at all!
  15. I prever the desert, I have it in another style! To me black is just ..well another black bag.