Beckhams @ Nice airport.

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  2. Love her sunny and bag, do you know the name of the bag she has?
    Thanks for sharing!!
  3. I am 99.99999999% positive that the bag is Luella!!!:heart:
  4. Thanks Lv Addict, duhhhhhhhhh of course it's Luella...I am so slow tonight
  5. Love the bag contrasting with the blue in her outfit. I wonder how much it is, I have to go look it up......
  6. I love the Beckhams, and Victoria has the best bags!
  7. i believe that bag is on sale at NM or Saks. one of them I forgot...yes it is definitely Luella bartley.
  8. Cute pictures, altough I was hoping to see some LV-luggage as well;)
  9. Her luella bag is lovely, a nice size for travelling!
  10. i love that luella in white and red!!!!she looks fab, and david...........:love:
  11. That's a Luella Stevie bag, which I have been toying with buying myself. The bag comes with a really cool leather anchor charm attached to the handle. Great for a nautical look!
  12. Ummm, they always look so yummy! gr~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  13. Love her bag!
  14. Thanks for the info. Love2shop and tigger98, appreciate it!:biggrin:
  15. They are such a nice looking family!