Beckham's New Job Is To Coach Brad Pitt's Son

  1. 3rd October 2006

    [​IMG] Coaching: David Beckham has been asked to train Angelina and Brad's adopted son Maddox[​IMG]

    As David Beckham's international football career comes to an end it appears he has already lined up a new job as a children’s soccer coach.

    And the Real Madrid player's first pupil on his books is none other than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s adopted son Maddox.
    The footy-mad five-year-old has already enrolled at the David Beckham Soccer Academy in Los Angeles, and now Pitt, 42, wants the ex-England captain to give Cambodian-born Maddox some one-on-one coaching.
    And the middleman behind this bizarre arrangement is former Wimbledon hard man Vinnie Jones.
    The 41-year-old footballer turned actor, who starred alongside Pitt in hit gangster movie Snatch, has become pals with Beckham thanks to his promotion work for his U.S. soccer schools and asked him to take a look at the kid.

    A source told The Sun: "Brad has asked if there is any chance of David giving a one-on-one tutorial.
    "It seems all the all the ex-pats from the UK join a local football team in Hollywood. Celebs like Robbie Williams, Jason Statham and Vinnie know each other through having a knockabout."
    The source added: "Maddox was being coached by an English guy over there who happened to tell Vinnie."

    The training request from the Fight Club star will no doubt please wife Victoria, 32, as they have been trying to establish Brand Beckham stateside for some time are keen to make friends with the Hollywood elite. The Beckhams already count Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes among their pals and are rumoured to want to move to LA after he retires from football.
  2. I really cannot understand why Becks hasn't become more well known here...
  3. well, I am pretty sure that they can afford the private lessons...heheh
  4. :yes: :true:
  5. huh??? it's tooooo weird!!
  6. I think its just a typical "Sun" story :biggrin:

    they must just sit there giggling whilst writing these pieces :biggrin:

    Posh is giving Angelina singing lessons too, which is odd, as she has never had one herself ;)
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  8. I'm sure they both will have so much fun. he sure is cute.
  9. what a lucky boy!!!
  10. wow....
  11. Maddox is so cute!!!!!
  12. Maddox looks adorable in his soccer uniform..

    My older son Jacob (he's 2) LOVES kicking his soccer ball. He gets it from my dad who dreamed of being a pro soccer player when he was young. (He got to like 2nd division..) Anyways, that is such a good idea of Brad to enlist David Beckham to give Maddox private lessons, but I think it would be smarted if maybe Maddox was a little bit older so that the lessons could stick more..

    If I had a choice as to who I would want to coach my son, it wouldn't be David Beckham. It would be Michael Ballack. (Germany)..I think he's a better soccer player (he led Germany to the finals in 2002 against Brazil) and 3rd place this year. David, wasn't able to accomplish that for England..
    Sorry for the soccer info.. LOL..
    I still think Beckham is hot though
  13. Maddox ~ Is So Precious!!! :smile:
  14. madox is sooooooooo adorable.. his hair is funnnnnny LOL
  15. ^^ That Maddox is the cutest ever!!!