Beckham's Full Length & Fabulous Party Pics.

  1. Sorry, but some of them are tagged.:sad:
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  2. Here are some more:
    is121624365aw.jpg is121624666jb.jpg is121624692zr.jpg is121624730sv.jpg is121624943dc.jpg is121624968ox.jpg is121625081vf.jpg is121625378dm.jpg is121625428vs.jpg is121625534gv.jpg
  3. And more:
    0,,2006231090,00.jpg is121628408yc.jpg is121628690gw.jpg is121628705us.jpg r15901034924uk.jpg 28gw.jpg
  4. nice pics and outfits! David beckham is looking very hot! Oh to find a guy like him!
  5. Jade Jagger looks AMAZING!!! And I LOVE the Osbournes!!!
  6. Love the pics...they both look amazing...the dress TDF..
    Is that the world famous Chef Ramsey ???
  7. OMG! That dress is TDF!!! She just has the best style! Love it!
  8. thanks for posting such gorgeous piccies.
  9. UGH, they are such a hot couple!!


    I'm so jealous of her legs!! I hate my legs, the bone structure sucks :[
    and i have to say alex looks amazing considering she had a kiddo a week and half ago :blink:

  11. Oooh no, Gerrard is a minger. Jamie Carragher is fit though! :love:
    Don't like Alex in the slightest. Seen her in Cricket loads and she is a horror. I actually witnessed her spend 15 minutes just looking at herself in the mirror while trying on a top. Shes the classic 'if she were chocolate she would esat herself' :sick:
  12. The dress is cute, but the pics look like someone cut and paste Victoria in every picture, it's like the same exact pose in every single pic...
  13. It's a gorgeous dress, but I think she tried a bit too hard to show leg...even in poses where she should've switched her leg, she still kept the original stance, making it look kind of awkward. She does have nice legs though!
  14. Although I usually like her, I have to say that Victoria looks super artificial in these pictures. Yes, we saw that the dress was slit all the way up. Enough already!
  15. is it just me or does she look double her all the time. maybe its her natural facial expression? or that shes 5437067 times darker than her skintone should be.