BECKHAMS arriving in Nice, France *PICS*

  1. If you are sick of my Beckham posts, please let me know!:lol:
    vic_becksniceair1.jpg vic_becksniceair2.jpg vic_becksniceair3.jpg vic_becksniceair4.jpg vic_becksniceair5.jpg
  2. who could get sick of your posts?!?! :nuts: I love em - keep em coming.... :supacool:
  3. Really loving that Prada bag, its growing on me alot :biggrin:
  4. Ditto!! :yahoo: :flowers:
  5. I love your posts!! Keep up the VB pics!
  6. VB is so pretty!!. She looks much healther in these pictures!!,her arms dont look so small! IMO
  7. I love your Beckham pics and I especially love that you put "PICS" in the title so we know there is some fun in store...
  8. The shoes:nuts: :love:
  9. God I totally didn't like that prada at first, now I'm in LOVE with it!
    Totally TDF!
    Her hair is lookin amazin' i'm lovin the new choppy bob!
    Thanx for postin!
  10. Never!! keep them coming!! I am never tired of looking at VB's fabulous wardrobe (the arm candy doesn't hurt either!)
  11. never tired of the pics!!!
  12. Please keep posting! I really enjoy them:flowers: :yes:
  13. They are a gorgeous couple!!! Absolutely love the Prada bag! But she should've worn a bra :shame:
  14. Oh I love the pics and agree - the shoes are TDF! Thanks so much!
  15. Love the pics...keep em coming. :heart:

    I hope Vic is getting her act together...this is how I like her looking, not all twattish with the boots and super short shorts. The bag, the shoes, the hair...fab-u-lous!!! :nuts: