BECKHAMS arriving in Barcelona *PICS*

  1. Sorry but all the pics are tagged.:sad:
    40lb1.jpg 41wt6.jpg 42ro9.jpg
  2. Some more:
    44gt6.jpg 45tu1.jpg 100nl0.jpg
  3. And the last one:
  4. I love their grunge-look! I wonder where their kids are.. I never see pictures where they are with them..
  5. [​IMG]

    Where is her butt?
  6. Is he kissing the top of her head in that pic? Awwww how cute!!!
  7. Her dress is so short! 0_0 But it's cute.
  8. Her Top is sooo long, it can almost be a dress.
  9. I really hate that Prada bag. Just plain ugly.:Push:
  10. Do celebs not get COLD in the plane? :confused1:
  11. thanks irene. i am always so interested in them.... and i love the bag!
  12. I'm sorry, but I am not a fan of either of them..i think Victoria tries too hard to be photographed and not a fan of David either (i think there are WAY better soccer players out there..*coughMichael Ballack*cough

    but that's just my opinion so dont shoot me!
  13. They look so cute together! I love Victoria's boots!
  14. Thanks for the pics Irene! Is it just me or is her collarbone really protuding in these skinny!
  15. No, those collarbones are sharp! :shocked: