Beckham's Are Coming To America!!!

  1. Darn, Los Angeles. I was hoping they'd come to NY.

    Thanx for the info though. :smile:
  2. i just read that in yahoo!
    i think he made a big mistake... but well, he's not doing so well lately and on real madrid. maybe he can be a "star" again on galaxy...
  3. We Will Be Seeing A Lot More Of Them!!
  4. I am really surprised that he would leave Real Madrid for the MLS.....will be interesting to see how his career progresses here in the US...
  5. i think his performance is not going to get better than he was. he was such a great player, but recently been dropping down.
    but i'm 100% sure he'll be more famous. i think he'll made a fashion line soon :p
  6. Yeah, don't think he's moving for the football, suppose it was to be expected.
  7. Ah yea...$250,000,000 contract for 5 years - you know Victoria will be spending a majority of it!! He's hot, but she is so over-rated - what has she done in her life -sign for a group that had it's 15 mins of fame -and then what? I don't get it!!!

    I wonder if TomKat will be trying to get them to convert to their scientology -[sp?] as well?
  8. It's a good decision. He's old (for soccer) & not as good as he used to be. The game in the U.S. is much slower than it is in Europe. I think he'll do well here. He'll get to be a start here rather than sitting the bench in Europe to the much younger & faster players.

    Very wise move on his part.:yes:
  9. Groan
  10. Hmm, as a Brit, I always thought his football skills are waaaaay overrated even in his "Bend it like Beckham" heyday. Having said that, he will be a good ambassador to football in the US. :yes:

    Good luck to both of them anyway.
  11. he's soooo vain for a football player anyway, and there's soooo many cuter player in the england league like rio ferdinand, henry, frank lampard, steven gerrard, and up & coming theo walcott :p
  12. Exactly what I was thinking!
  13. Arggghhh .... we don't need another publicity-thirsty attention-getting couple here!! It seems to me it's very obvious who wears the pants in that family. Good luck to the both of them ... VB will fit right into the LA plastic scene. :p
  14. :roflmfao:
    any chance she'll be a guest star in dr 90210 ? :roflmfao: