****Beckham's Alleged Nookie Nanny Blows into L.A. ****

  1. Nanny Rebecca Loos, perhaps the most aptly named Brit scandal figure since Divine Brown dallied with Hugh Grant, is coming to America! Roll out the caught red-handed carpet!
    Nanny Rebecca allegedly had a torrid affair with her charges' daddy, soccer hottie David Beckham. Now it seems that Miss Loos wants to try her, er, hand at being a star in America -- it kinda worked for Posh, why not her?!

    Becky has already made a big splash across the pond in such Z-lister hits as "Celebrity Love Island" and "The Farm." Welcome to the zoo!
  2. "alleged". ummmkay. :rolleyes:
  3. :roflmfao:
  4. She was a PA to Beckham when he moved to Real Madrid, not the nanny to his children
  5. Wooow, that's sad.
  6. Add an E to the end of her last name and that describes her perfectly. Seriously, what a skank. Send her back!
  7. I know know why some people are being so cruel. She's had an affair with him, he broke up with her, she went to the press with this, then he moved to L.A. and now she's doing the same. What does she want to do there, besides driving the Beckham's crazy and remined them of what happened few years back? Why does she want to leave there?
    It's just really sad to me. She's done a lot to them, wasn't that enough?
  8. Welcome to America Rebecca :lol:.

  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. She has done harm to them?????? It takes two to tango and if David and her had a affair why is it her fault only? David seems to have had more than one. Posh will never leave him, she is who she is because of him. Without him she is just a Spice Girl and it is not like they all have the publicity she has by being married to him. Just shows you that you can be so hot but that does not make a perfect marriage or guarantee your husband will not stray.
  11. :nogood:
  12. it's not alleged - beckham has admitted to having an affair with her? no?
  13. Sure it's his fault too. It's 50/50.
  14. This person, Becky or whatever her name is, just an example of how pathetic and desperate a person can be. Affair with DB, whether they had it or not, was probably the most significant thing that ever happened to her, which is sad.
  15. I agree, it takes two to tango as they say!