Beckham stands down as Captain!!!

  1. Oh my god - Beckham has just announced he is stepping down as Captain of the England Squad.

    Now admittedly I am a little hungover but his speech made me want to cry!!

    What an end of an era!!:sad:
  2. oh dear...:cry: thats sad news... i wasnt paying attention to the News tonight... i better quickly go to the news page...

    hey, RachelA... is that Paul Walker????? :love:
  3. It certainly is!! I so :heart: him!

    I want someone else to watch Beckhams speech and see if it makes them want to cry!!

    I may be just emotional!!!:shame:
  4. Any particular reason why?
  5. He just said he felt the time was right to step down and let someone else enjoy the priviledge - he was on the verge of tears himself:sad:
  6. yup because england are getting a new manager and he thinks its time
  7. oh no, that's really sad! :sad:
  8. Ah okay, so it's not because of their loss the other day :smile:
  9. ah, i guess it's time he stands down, sorry girls, despite his "physical" major, he's the best of players in engladn to be captain. and he even wasn't as good as he was before he got married with VB. he's losing it...
  10. Awww that is so sad!!
  11. I still think he is hot :graucho:

    That must be really hard for him though... I wonder if he feels like he has let his team down at all
  12. OMG that's so sad.. :cry: I thought he made the perfect captain bc after every game he'd go shake hands with all the opposing team's players, hug them, talk to them, etc. And after the last game where England lost, you could see him going around comforting the rest of the players and then going out and thanking the English fans. He did a very good job of representing England to the rest of the world during the world cup so I'm definitely sorry to see him step down :sad:

    I wonder who'll take his place now? Terry?
  13. That's really sad to hear. I've always liked him as captain. :sad: Now all I hope is that he doesn't all out quit because that would kill me.:cry:
  14. england wouldn't worry about the substitutes, it's like the nation team with the most captains in the team :P
  15. the word on the street is that he next would like to come and play in america for the MLS when he is done at RM. They say VB will decide if it's NYC or LA based on which social life she wants to lead. He has always wanted to break into the american market so this would be his chance. Some guy was talking on the radio and he said something stupid like, did you see him put that ball in from the corner, it just bent around, I wonder if that is why they call that movie bend it like beckham. most americans are clueless when it comes to soccer. But they are willing to spend millions on training their little ones and if Beckham came here and put his name on some camps he would continue his fortune and fame.