Becca's small but lovely collection!

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  1. From left to right;

    Balenciaga Black Hobo
    Balenciaga Bordeaux Twiggy
    Francesco Biasia
    LV Speedy 30
    CB Tresor Wallet
    LV Batignolles Vertical
    LV Epi Mandarine Pochette

    Second pic is of my Coach bags.
    collection.JPG collection2.JPG
  2. nice collection! i have a Q...did you ever treat your LV speedy???
  3. Nice collection. I love your CB wallet.
  4. i love the black b-bag!
  5. No, did not. I am debating whether I should treat the batignolles bag or not.
  6. very pretty!
  7. I love them all, good work!
  8. Very Nice Collection!
  9. Becca, you collection is lovely!!! So many great bags!!!:love:
  10. Great collection, Becca! Nice variety :heart:
  11. Very nice collection. :heart:
  12. Beautiful collection ... love the mandarin epi pochette, I just love that color!
  13. Bumping because I am sad that I have been a member since Jan and only a few of you have even looked at my collection <whining>
  14. I looooooooooove your collection.
    The CB wallet is cute :love:
  15. I love your collection,Becca..I have the BH too and I dont treat the leather!Mine still looks perfect.....
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