Becca brand makeup from Sephora?

  1. I just got the Becca lip & cheek creme from Sephora. It is the best stuff ever!!! It's really blendable and it dries to a soft powder on the face, but stays moist on the lips. The color is a really pretty peach that looks equally good on cheeks, lips AND eyes. The little mirrored compact is nice too. I can't say enough good things about it! :yahoo:


    I had never even heard of this brand before. I just bought it because it was on sale. Has anyone else tried this or any other Becca products???
  2. Becca is from Australia. It was on sale at Sephora b/c sephora wont be carrying the brand anymore
  3. Becca is wonderful makeup...I love it!

    I am really not happy that Sephora is no longer carrying the line.
  4. I tried this makeup once and everything I tried did not work with my combo skin.
  5. Oh that's so sad :sad: It hasn't been marketed well here. I had even never heard of it and I am a product freak. I guess I should buy more while I still can! :hrmm: