Because My Husband isn't Helping Me!!!


Next bag for me.

  1. 1 Bulga Misa

  2. 2 Gustto Baca

  3. 3 Lamb Oxford

  4. 4 Gustto Cala

  5. 5 Botkier Bryant

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  1. I feel really bad asking my husband for the 100th time about these bags...but I was wondering if you guys can help me decide on my next purchase. I need it for an everyday bag, and I have 2 toddlers so handles are out of the question. From the pics, you can probably tell I'm looking for a super cool luxe bag that's a bit exotic. Anyway these are the contenders for the morning:

    1) The Bulga Misa Doctor in Emperor

    pros: versatile, nice leather, shape
    cons: do you think the square handles compliment or distract from the design?

    2) The Gustto Baca Satchel in Raisin

    pros: great color and size, nice distressed leather
    cons: too many fakes out there, a bit too round

    3) The LAMB Oxford in Lipstick Saddle

    pros: a kickass looking bag, great organization
    cons: im not into "hard" bags as much, nor signature bags for that matter

    4) The Gustto Cala in Stone

    pros: great shape, good size, cool design
    cons: i dont like pebbled leather

    5) The Botkier Bryant Hobo in Grey

    pros: shape is awesome, great leather, hardware detail
    cons: may be a bit contrived? blah?

    Thank you for taking your time. You know I really just posted this as reference for myself so I can remember what to buy in which order right?
  2. Out of all those, I like the Gustto Baca the most. I've never seen that color; where will you be buying it from?
  3. I like the L.A.M.B. Oxford, but I like more structured bags. My second choice would be the Bulga.
  4. I know you didnt ask for recommendations, but for that price range, I think a Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini would be an excellent choice!:tup:
  5. I've only spent all my time looking for the contenders. :p I think that particular color is only on the Gustto site as web exclusive.
  6. :sad: I can only tolerate handle drops of 8" and above. lol But thanks anyway! I did see that one before.
  7. I voted Botkier! I think its a cool bag!
  8. just look at how thrilled she looks carrying it. haha

  9. HAHA Thats hilarious!
  10. I reeeeally like the Gustto Cala.

  11. :roflmfao:

    Of the choices, I like this one 2) The Gustto Baca Satchel in Raisin
  12. Here's my take:

    1)Bulga - nice bag, but IMO the leather is a bit sensitive and will show every mark/scratch/stain - having both the handles and shoulder strap are nice, but they can get in your way.....if it's ease of use and you want it to be a bang around everyday - than I would pass (by the way - I think the squared off handles compliement the design)

    2)Gustto - great color, cool looking bag and GREAT for everyday use. This one, you can bang around and it won't look like its been abused. Easy to get in/out. Soft, slouch leather that is lightweight. This is the one you need.

    3)LAMB - if you're not into signature or hard bags.....two strikes against this one. Enough said.

    4)Gustto - this one is a contender as well. I think you should just look for Gustto's that you love. They will suit your intended purpose w/purchasing the bag.

    5)Botkier - nice bag, heavier weight than Gustto cool design BUT it is a pain to get in/out of. The tight curve at the top of the bag makes using the zipper a bit of a challenge. You have two kids to deal you need this extra aggravation when using the bag?? The bag does not slouch as much as the Gusttos, the bottom is more structured and thus more bulky.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.
  13. def. the gustto cala. but i would prefer in non-metallic leather
  14. i had the botkier bryant in grey. although it wasn't for me and i ended up returning it, it was a beautiful bag with gorgeous leather. there's also two hidden pockets towards the side of the bag, which i found so convenient. i loved the little elephant and tusk keychain attached to it too. that's the bag that got my vote.
  15. Bulga Misa for suureee! The colour is beautiful, the leather looks soft and buttery and the style is very functional but has style. LOVE the handles!

    Gustto Cala= 2nd place for me :smile: