Because, like chips, you can't have just one bag!

  1. What have you ladies done to me? ;)

    I did end up buying that Kelly that hello2703 kindly authenticated for me recently.

    And now I'm Birkin hunting?! I wasn't craving a Birkin until I saw a post here of the most luscious box calf 35 cm Birkin in bleu marine. If it had palladium hardware, I would have been all over that bag. I mean, my head was actually buzzing when I saw that confection. Yikes. I don't feel silly typing this here because I'm sure all of you can relate!

    I'm near the Troy, MI H boutique, but I don't really have a relationship with an SA over there. So now I'm lost. Where do I start? I'm not a huge shopper (I like to have a few well-used pieces instead of a big collection of anything), so I feel a bit uncomfortable just asking if I can get on the list. I'm willing to wait a few years for it, but that means I need to put in my order now, correct? I think my Kelly needs a sister. :smile:

    Any advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Visit your nearby store, check out the scarves, small leather goods and see what appeals to you. Get to know a sales associate. You'd be surprised at what might be suggested or offered after a few visits...perhaps, the "sister" to your Kelly. However, be warned, once you carry a birkin, in my opinion, it's very addictive!! It happened to me 16 years ago!!
  3. I don't know if the Troy H boutique ever gets Birkins but there is a very nice and helpful SA there. Her name is Lisa. She has helped someone I know and I have heard great things about on this forum.
  4. Thank you ! The blue marine Birkin is gorgeous, and looks so classic with the gold hardware. I'm so sorry it is not the palladium hardware you wanted, darn ! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  5. It's just stunning. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I'm still debating whether to get it even though I don't wear gold jewelry. Would it look weird if I wore white gold jewelry but carried a bag with yellow gold h/w?

    Edited: ::chanting:: The perfect bag is worth waiting for. The perfect bag is worth waiting for. I'll hold out for palladium h/w.

  6. Lisa is my SA and she is the best! NM H boutique gets Birkins and Kellys, but if you are not the big spender at NM Troy (and have a great relationship with your SA), your chance of getting Birkin from them is pretty close to none. NM do take your "request(wait list)", but it doesn't mean much......almost all Birkins and Kellys go to their good customers. I did get my BJ Birkin from them recently but I've been buying from them for years. I think you will have a better chance trying other H boutiques, since they get more inventory than NM's, therefore there will be more Birkins available for walk-ins/new clients.
  7. That's so discouraging. Bleah. I'm not a big spender at NM (my last major purchase was a Chanel 2.55 in 2006 and I'm thinking of getting an H wallet in the next few months, but that's about it), and my dream Birkin has somewhat rare specs, so my hopes for stumbling across it are close to nil. My shopping buddy is a big NM shopper (she works mostly with Jennifer at Chanel, but sometimes works with Lisa if Jennifer isn't in), and we joked that she has a better chance of getting an H bag than I do! Despite that, how do you go about trying other H boutiques? Just call? I couldn't imagine them wanting to help someone who calls out of the blue.

    Argh. I wish I were a more patient person. Oh well, gotta learn patience one way or another.