Because I'm me,I started out by buying used.Here they are

  1. Jimmy Choo Tahula Hillary Doctor Bag
    Jimmy Choo Tulita in persimmon/coral.great spring color!
    Jimmy Choo Pocket Hobo Tulita line

    Even though They're are older and looked not so good in auctions, I got good prices for them and after a little love and attention,they look pretty good! I'm happy for now but in case you're wondering..... YES I am cheap!! :woohoo:
  2. Congrats!! They will be great for spring. Love the colors.

    Nothing wrong with buying used bags in my mind. I do it all the time. The majority I have received look like they were never used. Moreover, some styles you just cant find new.
  3. Thank you kind lady! :smile: I'm a G'ma of 6 so most of my funds..well.. ya know!
  4. Do NOT feel bad at all Varied_obsessions :nogood:

    My very first Choo bag was purchased last year on eBay and I was very fortunate to find an very sweet & honest seller:girlsigh:

    I have purchased several more Choo's, including a few pair of shoes since then from eBay and I will continue to when I come across a good deal :wlae:
    (especially when I come across certain bags like the one I snapped up a few days ago :whistle: )
    I hate paying retail on ANYTHING:cursing: and will only do it on RARE occasions :push:
  5. I'm still on a quest for a great (used) Choo bag! Those are lovely!!!
  6. I think you made some really really cute choices! From what I see you are one hip G'ma! My first and only JChoo (for now) I bought from an awesome eBay seller and from what I can see my bag was never carried before now ;). I love it!
  7. I love your bags!! Classic shapes and fun colors--so great! And I love the Miu Mius too! My grandma was never so hip....:okay:
  8. Congratulations on your finds! I don't see anything wrong with buying smart! I hate paying retail...part of the fun for me is seeing how great of a deal I can find. Nothing better than getting a bag you love....than getting that bag on sale!
  9. Nice bags, true JC classics......congrats!! And, hey, we all love a great deal, makes the bag even sweeter!!
  10. Great bags - love them.
    Is the doctor bag heavy?
  11. Oooh, I :heart: your patent tulita!! They're all beautiful. And I know I also love a good deal on a Choo bag, whether it's on sale or on ebay, I have yet to pay full price. The more out-of-hand my obsession gets, though... who knows! Congrats on a lovely collection! :yahoo:
  12. Congrats! I have a combination of used (pre-loved), sale and full price bags. I don't think it matters where you get you bag, as long as it is authentic. It is really exciting to find great deals, or an older bag you've always wanted but let get away.
  13. Thanks guys!! I'm a buyer by profession, and the reason that I'm really good at it is because in my life as well, I've always wanted the best for less!! lol It pains me to ever pay retail or full price for most things. *cheapcheapcheap*
  14. That doctor bag is absolutely stunning! Congrats on your finds!
  15. I agree...very nice. I also have gotten some really nice bags on ebay. Hey, why pay full price unless it is a bag you know will not be around.
    Robyn, I saw that beauty you got on ebay! Who Hooo that is a Vegas bag, baby:supacool: