because i want someone else to buy it, bordeaux twiggy for $999 BIN

  1. Maybe there will be lots of Bbags on ebay b/c it's 20cents to list today!
  2. OMG! that leather is TDF! quick! someone get it! what a deal!
  3. yicks! SOMEBODY get it!
  4. i want it but i can't do it. plus i am not sure i like twiggy style for myself.
  5. very nice color (must stop looking....i'm holding out for fall!)
  6. me too chigirl. i think i rather get a city than a twiggy...i only have hobos right now.
  7. i think someone should get especially if someone wants a garnet bag for fall. this one is a great price, great leather.
  8. i have to pretend i didnt see this. i should consider turning off my computer... i cannot. i cannot. WAAAAAHHH! :cry:
  9. If I hadn't just ordered a Bordeaux Classique, I would be all over this bag!!!! Ackkk! I wish this acution was up yesterday! I would have snatched it up in a heartbeat! I love the Twiggy!
  10. Pupster, you really typed in heartbag didn't you?!?! :lol: you're one of us now!!!! :roflmfao:
  11. LOL!!! Hahaha!!! You caught me!!! ROTFL!!! Yes, I totally did! I've been sucked into the addiction!
  12. I just bought a Bordeaux Twiggy from a seller who got it from Aloha Rag. Weird!
  13. 0o0o its so beautiful! hopefully, someone from here will give it a new home!
  14. someone please buy it. it is taunting me.