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  1. So ladies, it was brought to my attention that my crazy stalker is targeting y'all! :wtf: Was my first face! But basically WATERMARK your pics because this lady is going around and taking your pics and putting them on her photobucket! I have seen her do some nasty and mean things to my pictures and of my family so no joke, this is serious!

    Its so funny because I dont really ever change my myspace pic and when I did she snatched it faster than ever! And who knows what she will do. In the past she has put my face of scandlous pics, my sisters face on Gonzo from the Muppets body, my dad doing some kind of weird song/video (ultra creepy computer work to make a pic look like it could talk!).

    I would hate to see y'all beautiful bags get tarnished and possibly passed off as her own so watermark watermark watermark!

    Ok enough of my rant (I just saw some tPFers bags on that page and it made me say wow that girl has ISSUES so I had to warn you all).

    Mods---> do what you must with this, I just wanted to give them a fair warning because I specifically saw certian tPFers bags.
  2. Who's doing this? I broke all the links to my collection because an ex-friend of mine was stealing my pics and I DID have my name on 'em! I WANT to re-post my pics cause I lovelovelove my bags and I like seeing everyone's collection but its weird people like that that keep me from posting pics! Ugh!

    Oh the nerve of some people! :rant:
  3. That is SO creepy! Thanks for the warning. Sorry about the pics of your family :sad:
  4. I don't think I can post her tPF name, but let's just say it is some who I share about 11.5 chromosomes with....I actually didn't come on tPF for a few months because this lady is CRAZY and I just figured fine I will leave tPF and whatever but I couldn't stay away because y'all are super awesome!!!

    AddictedtoCoach: I am so sorry you can't share your collection with us. I would love to see it and I am sure we would all have nothing but wonderful things to share...grr at those creepy people!!!!!
  5. Thats very creepy! Do you know the person?
  6. Well I really don't know her...I am just genetically linked to her and she has been really stalkerish for almost 2 years now....its a looooong story
  7. Just an update on this stalker:

    My family has informed me that she has removed the files of your purses. But my mom did print out a copy of everything so we KNOW she had them....but my pictures are STILL up.

    Hopefully she will leave you all alone!
  8. are you letting people know when you KNOW their pics are being stolen?

    i personally would want to know who it is, so im not nice to them when the post! LOL
  9. i have never seen her post about her bags on tpf, it was just the general discussion. but i do know that one of the posts came from the "Carly?????" thread and the others i dont (of wristlets, sunglasses, and some from the coach site) which she has removed (i swear she does that so often but now she know we print everything out incase she needs to be 'reminded' of her actions)
  10. wow! what a story!
    could posting pic's of just are purses cause trouble? what harm could she do with pictures of bags?
  11. oh man! People have nothing better to do!
  12. there have been so many threads about people seeing pics of THEIR bags on eBay auctions or being passed off as their own. i am love my bags and this lady does some darn good photoshopping and then some really bad stuff in "paint" (the program on windows)...
  13. oh good grief !

    defaming cha cha's purses! oh no !
  14. omg! that's awful. I had to delete my collection and now I watermark everything.
  15. So creepy! I hope this hasn't happened to anyone else since your post went up batgirl. Thanks for being the neighborhood watch! :smile:
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