Beca Bags Diaper Bag Celebrity Following?

  1. I am STILL looking for a great diaper bag, I found these, I think they are very cute, but should I invest the $200 in a better bag? Any thoughts would be great, I like the white cargo style.

  2. no i don't think its a great investment unless your planning to get another kid soon :biggrin:
  3. You'll be carrying a diaper bag exclusively for more than a year, they're worth it to gt the exact one you want IMO!
  4. Diaper bags are worth fussing about, obsessing about. They need to be functional and worth carrying. There will be days that that beautiful bag that you found will be the only thing that will make the sun shine. When baby is screaming, your shirt is a mess from spit up, and you can't find a binky because your bag is a bottomless pit, you will curse an illconceived diaper bag. That beca bag looks good - i wouldn't brave white unless it was washable/bleachable. If you like, I will send you all the bag finds that I have (some I have posted in other links). An excellent diaper bag that is funtional, beautiful to look at, and makes you feel good when you carry it is worth every penny.
  5. I agree with SwankyMama and's very worth it to invest in a good quality, attractive, functional diaper bag. You carry it so much and for so long that you'll just get totally frustrated with anything cheap or not practical. It's also nice if you get something that doesn't look like a diaper bag so that you can keep using it as a regular tote for a long time. I like that Beca Bag for that reason. Coach also has one that I like a lot.

    That being need to be pretty brave to invest in a white diaper bag;) .

    Actually, now that I'm thinking about this, what got me started on my handbag obsession was my search for a perfect diaper bag!
  6. If you want to spend around $200, I recommend a coach large tote that you can get in the outlets. I think mine cost around $150, black and I use it for everything. IMO, leather is easier to wipe and clean than canvas.

    GTO6.jpg The one I use is the one on the back, far right!