BEC Discontinued?

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  1. Anyone have any insight as to why this is being discontinued? I have been flirting with a couple of bags and have only put off doing so because they are very expensive and there is no way for me to try out a style to know if it works for me.

    This is distressing as they don't offer very many in stock bags on the website. Do they plan to expand the in stock offerings?
  2. No clue...but I was sad to hear it is ending for now and may or may not ever be offered again...most of my BE bags were done by bespoke...

    I guess it will be a wait and see on what comes down the line in the future for BE.
  3. Where have people heard about this? There's nothing on the BE site.

    There must be some other BE world out there, of which I know nothing....:alien:
  4. I had a few emails back and forth with some folks at BE. One time, a few years ago, they offered a 25% discount on bespoke bags. I bougth one at that time. It was the most beautiful bag I had ever seen, a chocolate crash love me mini with purple lining. And I HATE brown bags. But this one looked like it had something extra and would not be boring brown and I was right. Sadly this style did not work for me but I still loved the bags and was hoping they would offer the discount again.

    I asked about it and they said something to the effect of barely breaking even on the cost of producing the BEC bags and that is why they never offered the discounts again. I was always hoping they would subscribe to the sometimes you have to lose money to make money, that offering the discounts would turn first time buyers on to BE and then get them excited about the brand and they would ultimately buy more at full price but...

    It is such a great concept, I always had a lot of thoughts on how they could market it better....anyway. So now I am going to definitely order something since it could my last chance

    Is anyone else going to place a final BEC? If so what are you going to get?
  5. I received this email from BE on 10/19

    Because of some changes we are undergoing, with hopefully lots of exciting things happening in the future, we have to stop offering our bespoke service as of early November.

    Whilst we would hope to promise otherwise, there is no certainty when - or even if - we will offer the service again.

    We are getting in touch now to let you know that there is a week left before we will stop for good, so if you have a bespoke bag in mind, now is the time to order it!
  6. Thank you.:smile:
  7. Well, as you all know by now the Hold me is close to my heart as the Kiss with these fabulous discounts I ordered a few!

    You all better be fast since I got informed the coming week will be the last!

    It seems to me they are re-organising, so therefore the bespoke services will end.What will be the future I have no clue!

    My first bags were two travelsets and 2 Hold mes..I still have these, and they have been with me on countless travels. I never had travelbags that could take the abuse from airline companies ..or doggies..;)

    I never like to baby my bags, so I have been pleasantly surprised how well my BE bags look after hardwearing use!

    I am aware of some hick-ups here and there..I also experienced this myself, but BE always took care of my problems, so they became solved!
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    Definitely good to get your order in there. I am actually surprised there are not more people posting about this news. Maybe I am the only one shocked by it :smile:
  9. Nah..I think there are more of us a bit shocked!
  10. I'm not surprised by this. It is sad because the stock stuff is just not as exciting as it used to be.
  11. I agree completely.
  12. I ordered a couple of bags, will reveal them when they come in. Not much of a discount unfortunately on the ones I wanted. Also I probably would have only ordered one for now if they were not be discontinued. But as others have said the stock bags are limited and I did not want to miss out on what I wanted. And I NEVER see anyone selling these styles/leathers on the auction sites.
  13. I am also ordering a few, I wouldn't have placed now.but since the fun is over..I thought better now than regret not having done it ;)

    Mellissa..Looking forward seeing your bags!
  14. Oh nice! Hopefully more are ordering and we will see some gorgeous reveals next month! I wanted to order something in lipstick pink sheen since that is marked down so much but I am drained ordering the two I did.
  15. What did you get?